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On this day in 5 years ago… Nine introduced a half graphics update. Really Doesn’t seem like 5 years ago… Still probably IMO the best package they’ve had.



Remember the failed Hey Hey revival from 2010? Here’s a promo based on the timeslot (after Nine’s former favourite show, Two and a Half Men):



Hopefully it taught Daryl that lightning doesn’t strike twice.

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Two new uploads, and first time uploading onto

Channel Nine - Special Presentation Opener 11/4/2004:

Channel Nine Perth - Thurday/Aqua Lineup + Ident 29/7/2004:


Ken Sparkes and Tim Elliot did the voiceovers back in the days. Sadly, they have died during this decade. Channel Nine was never the same without these two stalwarts Sparkes and Elliot.



Personally disagree. One of my least favourites.
I hated the mismash between the 3D and 2D graphics.

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Dodgy, yes. Arial , no.



Sorry for the illusion shatter, but Get the Channel 9 Feeling in the 70s?
I think TV Times was earlier in the UK.



Is that right? Interesting.

I’ve never seen anything about that.

To be honest it doesn’t really seem very ITV or BBC. Maybe it was used by just one of the ITV companies?

Do you have any more details?



The promo was for TV Times, a TV mag that carried program guides for ITV broadcasters. (Radio Times was sort of the competitor as it carried program guides for BBC TV).

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Ah ok, so it was something like “Get the TV Times feeling”?

Not TV of course, well not exactly, but still clearly the concept wasn’t original



STW9 in Perth had the similar slogan “Get the Feeling!”.

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Sorry for the double post, but i saw these in a ADS7/10 montage on YouTube.



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It was DOA when some moron decided to schedule it on Wednesdays instead of Saturday. Then they move it to Saturday after the horse has bolted.



No matter what Daryl think, I think it was pretty fitting to have the final episode of Hey Hey it’s Saturday on the same day that Bendigo st was have the final live show ever



Everyone’s Home ID on 7 in 1998. Life was better back then



Lead was still in petrol, crime rates were higher than present and life expectancy was lower. Not sure what metric you reckon life was better under, other than nostalgia.



Internet was slow… porn was low resolution…

Life was better?



Is life better today than it was 20 years ago? In some aspects such as those pointed out by MTLCK above, things are far better now than they were at the turn of the millennium but in others (including to some extent, the television/media landscape), I’d be inclined to say no.

Personally I’d love to see the return of high budget launch promos like the one posted above but with changing priorities/budgets, that isn’t going to happen. Most regular TV viewers couldn’t care less about, if not loathe self-serving promotions such as those which aired on TV during the 1980s, 1990s and even into the Early-Mid 2000s. They just want to see decent programs!

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If anything I suspect TV is more receptive to viewers wants and desires these days.

I’m not sure we ever cared about big launch promos (MediaSpy types did of course even if MS didn’t exist at the time).

Back in the dim dark days (the 70s) audiences were treated with contempt; TV shows were held on the shelves for months and sometimes years.