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Something rare at the start #myfriends


Nice find.

There are some other gems on that channel, including this compilation of Smokey and the Bandit III exits to the break, ads, a in vision continuity announcement, closedown and Turn To-based station promo.


#myfriend, is it true that regional women TV programs are important in the past ?




#myfriend, maybe something is lost in translation here.

Are you trying to say:
Is it true that TV programs for regional women were important in the past ?

Well, we did have programs for women in regional areas in the past but I don’t know if they were important. Many of those daytime regional programs have been replaced by national daytime programs these days.


They were probably cheap, rather than important :thinking:

But they weren’t limited to regional areas, each city had their own similar shows but as you say they pretty much all made way for national shows now.


Yes, we had Good Morning Sydney hosted by Maureen Duval, from 1978 to 1989. She was also the face of David Jones department store and I can remember the store featured heavily in the show. Probably the start of all the advertorials we see on these morning shows today.


Infomercials paid for those shows then, as they do now :stuck_out_tongue:


National Nine News Perth - “Experience speaks for itself” Promo caps:


Well actually I just asked that because I just surf on the web and found that Band (Brazilian TV network) continue to produce both national and regional women shows for all of their O&O (Band Mulher)



No worries. I hope I interpreted what you were trying to say correctly. But I’m still not sure I did. :slight_smile:


Today is GTV9’s 62nd birthday. I am reminded today of this article on the blog of Terence Gallacher who was film editor at GTV9 at the beginning, this is his recollection of those early days

Ironically, the launch day of GTV9 coincided with the last edition of The Argus newspaper which had been affiliated with GTV9 and there was to be some sharing of resources between them, but the paper was losing money and was sold off to The Herald and Weekly Times (which owned HSV7). The Argus was then shut down.


Was this Seven News update opener only used for a brief period in 2004 before the relaunch? Haven’t seen it too often.
Video Credit: ‘plainsvideo’


Weren’t there some Promo Graphics around that time in the same style as that Update Opener/Closer?

Although in any case, it does make you wonder if there were was a full graphics package made among those lines before Seven decided to overhaul the whole look with those slicker (and some would probably say over-produced by today’s standards) animations from Engine.


Few more Perth TV Caps:


On this day in 1987 Kerry Packer announced the sale of the jewels in his empire’s crown, GTV9 and TCN9, to Alan Bond for a fabled one billion dollars. Within three years Packer would regain control of those television assets, plus Brisbane’s QTQ9, at a fraction of their value following the collapse of the Bond Empire. Packer would later quip: “You only get one Alan Bond in your lifetime, and I’ve had mine”.


And the Lamb family who sold 2UE to Packer and then bought it back from him at a much lower price are alleged to have said “You only get one Kerry Packer in your lifetime…”


I didn’t realise it was that early in the year. Must have felt like a day of mourning at Nine having had Packers running the place for 30 years (and close to that in Melbourne)

Meanwhile, 20 January is also that famous date when Arcade debuted across the Ten Network and coincided with the launch of Channel 10 in Melbourne.

So much positive press for a show before anyone had seen a single preview episode. Channel Ten apparently didn’t issue any previews to the media which should have been enough of a hint that perhaps the show wasn’t quite going to match up to the hype.


God that was an awful show…


in regional Victoria all the regional stations had local morning shows:
AMV4 Albury: “At Home”
GMV6 Shepparton: “The Morning Show” hosted by Jan Deane
BTV6 Ballarat: “The Morning Show” hosted by Jenny Tudor
BCV8 Bendigo: “Wednesday with Heather” hosted by Heather Lindsey
GLV8 Traralgon: “Gippsland Today” (an entire episode is up on YouTube)
STV8 Mildura also had a similar morning show.

and others:
GTV9 Melbourne had Ernie and Denise/In Melbourne Today
ATV10 Melbourne had Good Morning Melbourne/Everyday
SAS10/7 Adelaide had A Touch of Elegance (in the mid-2000s they had Adelaide AM with Anne Wills before it was dumped to make way for the national Morning Show)
ADS7/10 Adelaide had the Lionel Williams Show.
TVW7 Perth had Good Morning Perth with Jenny Seaton