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This was the first incarnation - I didn’t see this one. By the way, the Morning News (not this show) started in 1988:

I remember this version:

I always found this intro kind of amazing:

Like I said, it used to air at about 5:10. I guess, as an ITN fanboy, I loved that they aired the World News intro within another program:


You might know the answer to this @jens because I’m not sure of the reasons/sequence of events that led to the creation of ITN World News.

From what I’ve heard it was a commercial product created by ITN for either Super Channel and/or as an inflight bulletin for various airlines. I’m not sure which came first or if that was the reason af all.

Once in production it was available for other broadcasters to use, ie the nine network in Australia as it was already being distributed on satellite for airlines to record around the world.

And of course ITV/ITN made good use of it in the UK as part of the morning news.

Or this could all be complete rubbish :grinning:


Nine News Perth Montage 20/6/2009:


All of that is correct, KnowItAll - except I never heard it was used by airlines. I also recorded it at my Maltese grandparents’ house as a kid - my grandfather was like the first person in Malta to have a VCR!


National Nine News Perth Afternoon Newsbreaks 10/5/1996:


SES8 also used the theme, as shown here in the opening of a Decade in Review special, helmed by Geoff Sly:


Thanks for that. I’ve always wondered why SES8 kept the little 8 watermark even after it was taken over and rebranded as WIN.


What has happend to Jeff Sly after the whole Win News going to the Wollonggong

I see Wes Cusworth comes up to near where I live as a MC.


Running his own media business it seems.


Channel Nine Perth - Video Copy Commercial:


Back when TV stations broadcast from the tally room on election night


Back when there was a tally room on election night!


“Our 40-year history” VHSs didn’t come into Australia until 1982 (thanks to Roadshow Entertainment) but DVDs came pretty quick, so this might be wrong.


40 year history as a tv station


A few years ago (around the time GO! was still using its “laser beams” modified branding), I accidently caught the old Columbia Tristar International Television logo (back then they didn’t plaster any old Sony TV logos and just added the SPTI logo leading into the S from Hell actually airing!) at the end of a episode of The Nanny as the TV just turned on when it appeared. This is that logo (it starts 3 seconds into the video):

EDIT: Why not add the SPTI logo here?

And what about the S From Hell?


I must be one of the few people that wasn’t freaked out by that Screen Gems logo! I love the compilations of scary logos on YouTube.


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Interesting how the gold 1999-2000 “New Millennium Television” logo was still used in the supers on National Nine News Perth as late as 2002…


They still must have been celebrating.