TV History


Speaking of UK Television, this was a long-time favourite for those watching Anglia. Uploader Paul Hatfield.


Many of the signature tunes and stings were well known to Australian audiences as they used at the very beginning of many early programs.

I used to see them on programs I watched as a kid, never realizing what they were and then many years later when I lived in the UK hearing and seeing more modern versions of the same IDs.

My favorite was always the classic LWT river ID;


Channel Nine Perth Ident featuring everyone who works there… (December 2003)


Weather presenting 1976 style. Imagine what mischief Tim Bailey could get up to with a black marker in hand during his weather reports.


I imagine the result would be something like this;


I’m surprised something like this hasn’t already happened with Tim Bailey;

I think perhaps that’s enough jokes in the weather penis genre?


That satellite picture is the size of a postage stamp! Was probably ground breaking at the time, though.


Kudos to the genius in the props department who came up with the rotating weather board. Who needs whizz bang computer graphics?


Well it was 1976, the technology for flashy weather graphics and satellite forecasts which is commonplace these days was probably the stuff of science fiction back then! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But on a serious note, I wonder when Nine poached Alan Wilkie from Seven?


I think the most technical innovation in the early days was Rosemary Margan standing behind a clear perspex screen while she wrote the temperatures on the large map of Victoria. To viewers it appeared like she was writing the numbers backwards so that they appeared the right way on screen, but in reality she was writing the numbers the right way they just flipped the picture so it appeared right on screen.

YouTube: 1emmauni

Meanwhile, in Adelaide at SAS10 they had Helen Cutting writing the temperatures on a giant blackboard, requiring her to have her back to camera much of the time and being subject to some less than subtle camerawork with her short skirts on when she’s reaching up to write the temps for Darwin! She also wasn’t allowed to speak, the newsreader would read out the forecast while she was doing her thing.


TVB in Hong Kong have Freddy the weatherman;


I spent 4 years in London from age 10, and taped a heap of Thames/ITV/ITN material mainly. It was a truly classic era - ITN at its zenith, timeless and classy packages and themes, and fantastic general entertainment as well such as Dame Edna and Clive James. Here are some of my personally-recorded favourites. Even as a 10-year-old, I used to sneak downstairs before 5:00AM to catch ITN! The Tiananmen Square Massacre tape - I had a day off school that day.


Yes some great packages there, excellent themes and some outstanding presenters too.

The credit role on the morning news makes me a bit jealous, the number of people involved in the production of one half hour news cast… sigh


It was an hour show. And they did live updates at 1, 2, 3 and 4am too! :slight_smile: That show - and the reason I was a huge fan as a young kid - featured segments that were simply not seen anywhere else… the ITN World News at about 5:10am and segments from CNN overnight around 5:30. Also, yes, I loved everything from ITN - the presenters, the graphics, the themes.


The overnight updates - which I ALSO used to watch as a 10-year-old!!! - were incredibly immediate and cool. Here are a couple of mine:


The sync break was out of the hands of the broadcasters, because it was British Telecom who would switch the input to the transmitters (which were owned by the IBA, not the licensee). When Thames lost the franchise to Carlton, Carlton broadcast from the same Pres control room as LWT in the Southbank studios, so the transmitter switch no longer needed to occur. However, at 5:40 on a Friday evening, the Carlton Pres. staff, including the continuity announcer, would get up and walk out, and the LWT staff would walk in and take over.


Yes… Carlton’s takeover of the London weekday franchise also saw the arrival of a Carlton/LWT joint venture; the London News Network (LNN) which produced, amongst other programs, a seven days a week local news service for London.

LNN was also given responsibility for transmission across the seven days which eliminated the physical switch each week at handover time.


More taped by yours truly.

The ITV package at this time was stunningly classy - this is the 80s, believe it or not! And, I loved News at 1.

Thames News theme was hilariously odd. Thank you to whoever composed this package. It’s kind of a gift. Still remember watching Thames News in the kitchen after school (and I always thought there was something vaguely Eastern-bloc looking about that newscast).

ITN on the weekend of the Hillsborough Disaster. Palpable emotion on set. Sue Carpenter anchors (all ITN anchors at the time were amazing).

LWT 21 ad - stylish little ad (not what you might expect from the 80s), and ITN’s weekend intro - did anyone say iconic?


I got a vague memory when I was a kid, that the ITN news was on about 5am in the morning on Channel 7 in Melbourne in the Early 90’s. The theme used to scare the crap out of me.


Used to be on Channel 9 before the Today show :wink: