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That is a good find… I thought that news theme was only ever used by HSV not interstate… obviously it was.

HSV would have been owned by HWT at this time and they also controlled the Advertiser which would have included ADS… so I’m guessing this common ownership might explain the shared creative.


Possibly, also as ADS7’s voice over in the news promo sounds like Don Rainsford who was also HSV7’s main v/o talent around that time. so perhaps there was some sharing of resources between HSV and ADS as part of a common ownership.

But the news theme (“Industry Today”) was also used at one point at STW9 in Perth and TNT9 in Launceston, so it was doing the rounds…


The late George H W Bush visiting Sydney on New Year’s Eve 1991 and attending the fireworks that year.




Happy 62nd birthday to the Sydney flagship television station of the Seven Network Australia.


I thought Seven has actually seen HSV Melbourne as being their flagship station more than ATN Sydney in recent years…


Traitor. We might have to send you south to live with Sully if you keep that up!


Given they put their best news reader in the nation there, I’d have assumed STQ was their flagship.


Nor sure if this has been posted


​​Curator’s Talk with Nigel Giles

​Wednesday 5 December, 11am - 12noon
Nigel Giles, curator of The Box in the Corner, will discuss the television shows he loved to watch as a child and how they ultimately led him to becoming an avid collector of Australian TV memorabilia. He will also share stories about some of the items and artefacts displayed in the exhibition. Free, all welcome.

TV Show and Tell

Saturday 9 February, 2pm​
Join Wollongong City Libraries for this special TV edition of show and Tell! Held in conjunction with Wollongong Art Gallery’s The TV Show and The box in the Corner .

Do you have a treasured object with a story to tell? Do you have a passion for TV collectables, whether its kitschy or collectable, rare or mass produced, come and share your favourite TV memories!

You are invited to bring in a treasured object and share with others its history and significance. Wollongong City Libraries will also be bringing along items from our collections highlighting the history of television in the Illawarra.


I wonder if there will be a special corner for Mappy?


Bruce’s a bit too preoccupied with his artificial WIN logo satellite (which is to ensure that Wollongong’s skyline always features the WIN logo) to bother featuring a mappy corner as part of the exhibit.


Nobody puts Mappy in a corner.


Caps recorded off Nine Perth on 10/5/1996 (videos coming soon):


Here’s the Industry Today theme used by HSV7, ADS7 and STW9 …


I did not know Wollonggong was the real gotham city :stuck_out_tongue:


Something a little random but an interesting throw back to earlier days of UK TV.

As many would be aware ITV breakfast (TVAM or GMTV) was a seperate broadcaster to the franchisee who broadcast the rest of the day. At 9.15 and later 9.25 the breakfast company would handover to the local broadcaster.

This handover would also happen on Friday’s between Thames (later Carlton) and LWT.

In the 70s (for Thames/LWT) and 80s (for everyone when breakfast launched) these handovers weren’t very smooth. Technology wasn’t what it is now and with the change from one company to another sync would be lost and the result was not pretty.


I always found it odd that there was a seperate weekend ITV licence for London. When ITV adopted nationwide branding in 2002, the anomaly was gone.


There was also a weekday/weekend split in the Midlands too but it was done away with during one of the early franchise rounds.

Even after they consolidated branding in London technically the 2 licenses still existed, there was just no difference in branding. However since then I believe the licenses have been merged as well.


The handover from TVAM to regional broadcasters also suffered from loss of sync before technology eliminated the problem;

In the early 80s there was a 10 minute break between TVAM ending and regional broadcasters starting up… this was to allow engineers to manually switch links… computer switching eventually eliminated this problem too

It was during this break on some days that the IBA would broadcast “engineering announcements”


Correct: ATV weekdays, ABC weekends. The same in the original North of England franchise - Granada on weekdays, ABC on weekends.

ABC was particularly done over by the abolition of weekend franchises, having effectively lost their franchises through no fault of their own. From memory, they bid for the London weekend franchise but lost out to the consortium that formed London Weekend (later LWT), and would eventually end up in a shortgun merger with Rediffusion to form Thames Television