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Maybe you’re right. And i don’t think the return in 2009 helped its image.


I just booked a trip to Argentina a minute before I saw this.


Off topic: when will you go to AR, #myfriend ?


26 Dec - 16 Jan


One of the oldest Sydney TV news bulletins we’ll ever see in full: Seven National News from Sunday May 1, 1983. Presenters are Paul Marshall (News), Gary Wilkinson (Sport), Rex Mossup (Rugby League Report) & Mike Bailey - all had quite long Sydney media careers.

There’s a rather interesting Opener counting down the seven seconds to 6pm, while the set can be best described as being very brown! Theme music is Rick Wakeman’s 1984 Overture or some variant of it.

…and while I’m here, a partial edition of “Newsworld” with Kay Stammers:

Both clips are from Steve Rutherford, so full credit to him for these! :slight_smile:


For 35+ years ago they’re not bad looking bulletins.

Of course the technology isn’t what we expect today but even without it the look was professional, the theme music worked. the creative elements were solid if lacking a little in flash and the rundown was particularly good; a nice mix of stories without the uber local crap we get today.


Gosh I miss those concise, no-nonsense news bulletins we used to get. I still believe there’s a market for such a news service on commercial television- all the news you need in 30 minutes without the fluff.


The end frame of that 1983 bulletin reveals that Seven had a relationship with CNN not long after it was founded in 1980.

CNN didn’t really come to prominence in Australia until the first gulf war in 1990/1991.

I wasn’t aware that any Australian broadcaster was affiliated with them in those early years, although I guess it makes sense, CNN would have been keen for a partner and probably gave their content away in exchange for Australian news items. Seven obviously weren’t that interested though, Ten had secured exclusive rights by the time the gulf kicked off.

EDIT: Clip posted below reveals how old age has dimmed my memory… CNN was of course a big part of Seven’s news overnight in the 80s.


Seven started broadcasting CNN overnight on 1 Jan 1985


You’re absutely right… I remember this now… old age etc


This has probably been posted before but it’s always worth a listen… possibly the best Ten News theme from Eyewitness era

This is the full version of “Move Closer To Your World” complete with lyrics.


for some reason HSV7 didn’t pick up News Overnight until March. Maybe the local management weren’t sold on the idea at first?


A variant of it, used on Band (Brasil)'s nightime (*) talk show calle “Canal Livre” (Free Channel). The program was even used to be a symbol of independence when Brasil was struggling in gaining democracy in 1980s and 90s.

(*) It’s transmitted at midnight every Sunday since 2003.


Probably what that theme would sound like if it were done today.


I was there in the Audience of Hey Hey in the Final episode in 2009. The Crowd knew it was the end of a era as that was the final Live Audience show at Bendigo St Studio.

Straight after the show, Eddie Mcguire had a special with all the GTV 9 stars meet and greet before hand and you knew that was end of Hey Hey and the End of Bendigo St ( Still remember the GTV-9 address thanks to Competition on Hey Hey, 22 Benidgo St Richmond Vic 3121)


The final episode of the Hey Hey comeback was in 2010.


The launch of Today on TCN9, the first breakfast news program on Sydney television, in January 1969. It was anchored by Diana Ward with newsreader Brian Bury, while Stuart Littlemore did live daily reports from Sydney Airport. One day every week there was an outside broadcast with only the news staying in the studio. The Australian Women’s Weekly at NLA Trove:

A higher quality PDF:


Except that ATN7 had Today with Ray Taylor in 1958 :thinking:


Let’s fired up by some overseas stuff, #myfriends…:

A closedown of a station in Argentina, but the most WTF thangs is when the announcer said that transmissions would began at… 6PM.

And note thats '89, #myfriends.

RIP Canal 8 MDP (1960-2018)


The ATN7 Today appears to have been a mix of news and cartoons. Maybe Nine didn’t regard it as a proper news program, or they just forgot about a program that was on about ten years before.