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Noise International created Nine’s 2007, 2009, 2009-2012, 2012-2015 on air packages plus GO!'s 2009-2014 and 2014-2015 ones plus Gem’s 2010-2015 ones. Here’s a montage they created:

Nine On-Air Presentation

I’m surprised they got an follow up work given how awful the 2007 package was.


Noise International only did the music, which to be fair was probably the only good element (except for the “Channel Nine/WIN Television/NBN” whispers) of the package.


A special SBS News bulletin during the 2003 Iraq War with a ‘Special Presentation’ opener. Narelle Hooper and Anton Enus presenting.


Some good news. I’ve finally got a VCR to USB adapter so I am in the process of converting a lot of old VCR recordings my parents made in the late 90s - early 00s.
So expect to see some show promos and idents on YouTube in the near future, if I get around to it :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s always good to see more people uploading VHS content! I would have about 25 VHS tapes with my parent’s recordings, mainly early-mid 2000s by the look of it with a fair bit of Seven stuff based on tape labels.

Would be interested to see news updates as well!


You might never know that there used to be an Argentine station copy the Nine’s 1982 ident, #myfriends


Which converter did you get? Quality results?


In all liklkhood it was an imaging package that was licensed by both 9 and 12… highly unlikely anyone “copied” it.

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did u believe that wasn’t a buenos aires station ?


Yeah… I believe it’s a genuine ID… I’m just saying production companies or networks will license versions of their creative to other broadcasters… so it’s not a case of copying, it’s a legit business deal.

Nine licensed ABC America imaging for years, Seven did the same with NBC while Ten licensed imaging from ABC, CBS and Fox in various forms over the years.

Some people suggest they stole the concepts but it was never that.


No, I mean that this was a Cordoba station, not Buenos Aires (the capital of Argentina), #myfriend (@KnowItAll) .

Do you know what happened to the station later ?


No idea… Prime owner some stations in Argentina at one point I think, so maybe there was an Australian connection.


This is the one I purchased:

Quality isn’t the best thing ever but it’s certainly watchable :slight_smile:
Even found some Seven Nightly News clips!

Seven Nightly News - April 10th 1999
With Peter Mitchell (news and weather) and Mark Beretta (sport)


No problem :slightly_smiling_face:
Finding the discussion quite interesting anyway, always learning new stuff in this thread.

Interesting Seven Nightly News caps! Back in the day when they did the straight angle with the plasma to the left, dumped soon after with the relaunch in July becuase it looked ‘outdated’.


Might need to turn the saturation/colours a bit on those I think.


12 Cordoba was (majority) bought by Artear’s “Canal Trece” television network in 2000 (they have 85% stake in that station)

Following the acquisation, 12 then became “Canal Doce”, and began using Canal Trece’s graphics. However:

While Canal Trece’s graphics changed in 2001, Canal Doce continue to use Trece’s 2000 graphics until 2002, when Trece changed graphics.

Trece’s 2003 graphics continue to used on Canal Doce until 2005, when Trece changed graphics.

Trece’s 2006 graphics continue to used on Canal Doce until 2010 (although Trece did change graphics every year) when the station rebranded as El Doce.


When Canal Doce became El Doce as the result of Trece’s 2008 rebranding (the network’s name became “El Trece” as the result), El Doce began use El Trece’s late 2009 graphics until 2012, and since then El Doce’s graphics is always being changed every year like the parent network.

However, unlike other Artear-owned stations, El Doce chose not to use the “sun donut in purple-yellow-red-orange” logo. The station also chose not to be stylized their branding as “eldoce” like the parent network. (El Doce’s logo was a modernised version of its 1960s logo)



12 Cordoba was NEVER afiliated with Canal 9 (which was bought by Prime in 1999 and became Azul TV as the result) throughtout its existance.


A few more I’ve got.

Recorded during Hey Hey It’s Saturday finale in 1999:








I still think it was a mistake to axe Hey Hey when they did.


It was time for it to go… it had lost its edge.

When it was a Saturday morning show and really was ad lib whackiness it was at its peak. (I was very young at the time)