TV History


This is the one that tore the roof off BTQ!


Initially it was a double header with Glen Taylor. Thanks to telerecordings via YouTube


And Glenn Taylor.


That partnership lasted not more than 18 months, then Jen read solo until she left for 9 to head up a medical magazine type show called Good Medicine IIRC.


And Peter Mitchell from GTV9 was brought over at the same time.


Although the movie itself doesn’t have any logos, the trailer for Dirty Deeds includes a (full) Nine Films and Television logo at the start which also precedes the warning screen on the DVD:


Went back to his practice I assume. He’s a shrink


SCA Eleven pre-launch promo loop in-between promo card (2011).


Yes. Although Jennifer was signed up by Seven by about mid 87 but was kept off air until relaunching in the new year. I recall seeing the Channel 7 stand at the Royal Melb Show in September they had posters that Jennifer Keyte had joined 7 and was “coming soon” but didn’t state in what capacity

Glenn I don’t think was signed up to HSV until much later in the year. I think he was finishing up at 7 in another city (Perth? Brisbane?) before HSV signed him.


Ten Capital News - I have no idea how they did it but everything I’ve seen from Ten Capital looked miles better than just about any other station in Australia and like it was from some big market station in the US… :wink:

I also loved Capital because they kept my favourite theme - amazingly - for a few years after it was axed by Ten.


Some more for you @jens :


It was BTQ Brisbane. I think. Or maybe just the Brisbane market!


When was Ten Capital news axed? 2001?


Yes, in 2001 - around the same time, give or take a few months, that Southern Cross axed the North Queensland news, and Prime axed bulletins in Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra.


Back in 2001, did Southern Cross had the News in Newcastle, South NSW, Regional Victoria?


No. Not in any of those areas. Pretty much a straight relay of TEN and ATV with local ads.


Southern Cross axed its news in regional Victoria in 1994.


Glenn was host of State Affair at BTQ which in April 1987 was axed in favour of TWT during the dreadful Fairfax era. Ironically, on that same night, State Affair was awarded most popular show in QLD st the logies which is also where Glenn presented his final show.


Was that the successor to News Centre 6?

BTV put together a quality local news service for its time… and from what I can tell it fell victim to the effects of aggregation


And Ten in Northern NSW axed their local news for Coffs to Lismore in 1995.

Ten axed North QLD local news in 2001 too I think.

Then Canberra, and then Prime a few months later.