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Bruce Gordon got his hands on the Perth and Adelaide stations in 2007 but failed to takeover the entire Nine Network on the East Coast.

Thank goodness NWS and STW are now owned and operated stations by Nine Entertainment Co.

What would a Bruce Gordon-owned Nine Network looked like. Getting NWS and STW was the start of Bruce’s long term plans before selling them in 2013.


National Nine News Perth Newsbreak with Peter Holland from 2000(?):


No longer National Mutual, but still using the signature tune.


The exact name escapes me right now, but a piece of production music was used for the National Mutual/AXA Sponsored National Nine Newsbreaks. When ANZ became the National Nine Newsbreak sponsor in 2001 (I think), a new piece of music was used for those bumpers.


Extended National Mutual music. Courtesy of uploader J&C.


All this Peter Holland is reminding me of this clip (that is still just as relevant in 2018).


The last time Nine News Perth won a ratings year was back in 1990. I cannot remember the last time Nine News Perth won a ratings week but it was more than 2 decades ago where Seven News Perth dominated in the ratings war thanks to the two - Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr.
Channel 9 News Perth has struggled a lot in its 6pm timeslot since 2000 where it has been beaten by Seven News by more than 100k viewers. Nine News Perth finished 2nd during the early 2000s. This is being reflected in some staff changes that have happened at Channel 9 Perth since 2000.
The last time Channel 9 News Perth won a night over Seven in ratings period was back in 2012. This was thanks to the coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London


Nine Perth Content from November 1st, 2008:


Promo Montage:


WIN trying to block the dots on 9 Perth/Adelaide was certainly one of their low points. It was particularly bad on 9HD - where they absolutely mangled the logo to try and cover it up. I dunno if I have a cap lying around but hopefully someone else does of some of those atrocities.


The dotless Nine in Wide World of Sports Logo was another bottom point in NWS9 Adelaide and STW9 Perth.



Image credit @ADstv


Yep, that’s the one. I think it’s possibly the worst bit of TV presentation I’ve seen on Australian TV.


An interesting story about the “Melbourne Bump” in ratings.


Very modest New Year’s greeting from ABV2 in 1982. Announcer Graham Evans sporting a very fetching baby blue suit and giving a polite handover to 1983 followed by some (no doubt) stock footage of random fireworks. Quite different to the New Years coverage we might get these days on ABC!

YouTube: Oz TV


Still better and more dignified than the ABC’s diabolical 2013 NYE effort hosted by Lawrence Mooney and Stephanie Brantz.



Channel 9 Perth also had a ‘Still Local Still the One’ slogan on screen. They had the National Nine News |Nightly at 6PM. (taken from 2006)

Their program lineups from 2003-2005 was sometimes voiced by Chris Brown. Did Channel 9 Perth used other voiceovers for the program lineups like Bob Peters and Ken Sparkes?


I had so many videos and caps from the WIN STW era but is on my dead HDD which I still not confident about opening and trying to fix it! One day I will recover it all! Learnt that lesson the hard way and now store all new stuff on a cloud storage

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