TV History


The Mike Walsh Show is featured in a new NFSA online exhibition.


So that’s where all the Mike Walsh Show vision ended up. So much TV gold.


A full Seven Nightly Late News bulletin from 1998.



From the same account a clean movie intro:


Ten could rehash the credits of Daily at Dawn.


Also from the “plainsvideo” collection, the 13/4/2003 Ten Late News bulletin with Frank Colletta filling in (audio quality isn’t great though):

Interestingly, regular weekend 5pm/Late News presenter of the time Tracey Spicer presented the 5pm news earlier in the day from a different and temporary-looking set (with thanks to @Zampakid for this clip):

About a month ago, I got a tweet from someone saying that they remember Ten News broadcasting bulletins from the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2003 - could that be the reason for the temporary-looking set and faint background noise during that 5pm news clip? Afterall, the event was held between April 11-24 that year IIRC.

Interestingly enough, I distinctively remember the ferris wheel at the show having a Ten logo on it for a few years but for some reason I don’t really remember Ten presenting news bulletins there apart from maybe Tim Bailey doing the weather at the Homebush showgrounds.


It’s not a whole ep but here’s about half of the show from 1990. There’s a few segments in there (Viewer Faxes, Weather) but mainly news and interviews. Hope it helps.



Is there a point to these?


They were regular segments broadcast on TV about 20 years ago, some of them have the Channel 7 branding on them and they’re in fairly decent quality so I thought it’d be alright to post them here?


Sometimes it’s good just to give a bit of context IMO Posting slabs of videos with no commentary just comes across as a bit spammy.


Here’s an interesting one. The BBC News at Six (usually for domestic UK consumption) broadcast on BBC World News because of strike action, with a big clash between the old and the new. This obviously took place after BBC World News moved into their new broadcast facilities but before the domestic services had made the move.


WIN Television Promo Montage from June 1989 (3 months after aggregation).


Made a couple of videos a while ago and I’m starting the series again
Mostly from Sydney

Other ones of this type I’ve made from ages ago:
(cringe thumbnail)


Similar to @SamSamTV’s videos, here are my compilations, featuring Melbourne media:


IMHO, Seven Nightly News just rolls off the tongue better.


Seven Nightly News became Seven News in March 2000


Seven News using NBC Today’s theme for intro for their Gulf War coverage with Ross Symonds and Derryn Hinch


I was recording that night and caught that opener on Seven before I flicked over just in time to catch this on Ten (with the late great Eric Walters).