Tuesday 5 February 2019

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I don’t think it will. I see 7 moving it before axing it.


I see them revamping it for next year before moving it.


MAFS continuing to go off like a rocket, particularly in Sydney & Melbourne. However I personally still can’t understand the appeal in the format.

Yep, I agree.

I reckon a good time for Ten to air “Celebrities in the Jungle” would be in November/December after The Block and all the other major Seven/Nine franchises have wrapped up for the year.

You’d also get the major FM breakfast & drive programs constantly buzzing about IAC,GMOOH and the lead-up to it - something that wasn’t the case for this season because they (along with most of the media, if not Australia as a whole) were on their Summer holidays in early January.


The issue with Celeb is, its not fully TENs call when they can air. They share the space with other countries. So the most oppurtune time may only BE January and February.
The other option being use the Australian set, but again theyd need to share that and November would be out.


That is true actually. And I am pretty sure a Eurpoean version of the show does air in December. However, I do think Celebrity would fit perfectly in November - December.


It’s essentially a soap opera. Australians have found them to be very entertaining for several decades, way back to Sons and Daughters, Number 96 etc. People like ‘will they or they won’t they make it’ suspense, watching how characters react to each other and overcome challenges etc. MAFS is also relatively fast paced because unlike a traditional scripted drama – where romantic relationships between characters take months to form, develop and end – MAFS does it over several nights and weeks. It’s perfect for the current entertainment viewing environment where people want fast paced, bingeworthy, content.


What other versions are currently filmed in Africa? I’ve tried to see what other version are filmed there and the only one I can find that is filmed in Africa is the Australian version. Even Wikipedia only mentions Africa as the location for the Australian version. It states that other international version have and are filmed in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Suriname, Indonesia and Malaysia.

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

I don’t know why they wouldn’t film it here to cut down on costs? Surely it would be cheaper. Or do the Africans let Ten shoot there for peanuts?


Because it’s less interesting to Australians to have an Australian setting which features Australian animals. We’re already familiar with them. Being Africa is a bit more exotic, as it would be for Europeans seeing Australia.


How boring would that be to have it filmed in your own country. The whole appeal of the show (and how they’ve done it internationally) is to dump celebs in a different country with surrounds that they are unfamiliar with,


Most Australians have never seen a cow or sheep in the flesh so while I take your point about exotic African animals, I think you could have fun in Australia too.


I don’t think your argument is convincing.

Look at the exotic food they eat every night on the show in Africa.

The Australian equivalent would be kangaroo, crocodile and emu. Many Aussies would have already tried those so not as impressive for the celebrities to be eating those.


I’m not trying to convince this time, just throwing a random opinion out there bored and work and glad to be engaging in conversation.

Hence I have to confess I have never really watched I’m A Celeb, except the launch episodes.

In terms of food we do have tongues in Australia, witchetty grubs and PETA activists recently barbecued a dog so…


It wasn’t a real dog, mate. :roll_eyes: It was regular meat made to look like a dog so people would be outraged and duisgusted.

I’m not talking just talking about the disgusting food they need to eat in the Tucker Trials. I’m talking about the reward food they eat every night. It’s been various African meats, birds, seafood and native plants and grains.


That’s a bit insulting even if many Sydneysiders have probably only ever seen livestock at the Royal Easter Show, that kindergarten excursion to Fairfield Calmsley Hill City Farm and maybe the occasional drive up/down the coast.

I do agree with @JBar by saying that it’s probably better to produce the Australian version of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! in Africa. Encountering kangaroos, koalas & crocodiles might be quite the novelty for Europeans but for obvious reasons that isn’t the case in this country.


Ten need to be fiscally responsible. There are already reports out today that budget cuts resulted in a Dancing with the Stars judging position made redundant. It would be a cheap way to make money, to try a domestic version. I believe you could do an outback version, especially if you had international celebrities.


How can one be made redundant when they weren’t even hired?


It sounds like someone being creative with the facts because the show originally had four judges but now has three. So by their thknking, one position has been made “redundant”. :roll_eyes:


No that is a good point. I think the position was not recruited for.


MKR’s figures are still very respectable in the current tv landscape and up against MAFS which is the flavour of the month.
I suspect 7 would be quite happy with its result even though its not winning.