Tuesday 4 February 2020

You could pretty much say the same about a large number of shows on Seven this year.

MKR now at Biggest Loser level of flop. They need to move it away and do something else. Heck they could even air older episodes of All Saints, Blue Heelers, Packed to the Rafters and promote the heck out of them and that would rate better.

Hopefully they have a change of heart and air the series live (i.e. within 24 hours of filming)

Changes in format just alienate viewers. I have no idea who signed off on this cheesy Rivals format. The MKR instant restaurant format worked a treat, Seven just needed to cull the episodes down to short sharp 60 minute instalments as the bitchiness was taking over from the cooking.


Ouch for MKR - but despite it’s failure. 7’s share still looks respectable which goes to show the strength of their early evening.

Survivor dipped, I’ve watched both episodes so far and am really enjoying it but jesus, the episodes are so long - last night finished well after 9pm. I’m fine with 3 nights a week but PLEAAAASEEE can 10 just keep this to an hour!!!


MKR numbers are atrocious. Survivor numbers are getting low but at least it’s viewers are in the key demos.

Seven should have realised that MKR was on a downward spiral last year and instead of tweaking the format they should have done two things: Moved it elsewhere in the year so it doesn’t clash with MAFS and then stripped the show back to focus on what people originally liked about MKR (the home cooking). I even think an All Stars would have worked if it was going back to those people’s homes again all these years later but instead they’ve made a mess.

Kudos to Ten for at least trying something different against MAFS with Survivor this year. However I think both networks need to realise that MAFS has the reality audience. It is getting more viewers than both shows combined. I’m thinking that they might need to try completely different genres of programming against it to try and grab some of the non-reality audience. Comedy, light entertainment, drama, gameshow etc. Something fresh that is different is the way they need to go. Not put other reality shows against the biggest one.

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Seven rarely put new shows (like Pooch) up against strong competition. Their most likely fall back programming is factuals like Border Patrol plus trying to beef up their multichannel numbers to compensate for the main channel.

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Nine reported this morning that Monday’s season premiere of MAFS had a VPM on demand rating of 158,000.

Going back over MAFS’ ratings numbers from last year, it seems that Sunday (commitment ceremony) and Wednesday were the strongest nights for the show. So the only hope for MKR is Thursdays, where it will be up against Ambulance Australia and live NRL. Put it simply, Seven must reduce the number of MKR episodes per week and show something else on Sundays to Wednesdays until after Easter.

To be fair, 10 tried that last year with DWTS, Changing Rooms, Ambulance - sure you could argue that there was rebooted content there, but it was alternative programming to straight up reality - and it failed pretty miserably.

At least 10’s numbers are up on last year and Survivor is doing better than DWTS and Changing Rooms plus it is 2nd in its slot.

MAFS is strong, no argument there, but its only just over a million - there should still be enough audience to go around.


It might ‘look’ respectable but they are down 6% on this time last year. Its a huge concern considering the reason why they were so close to nine last year was because they were competitive to begin the ratings year. Being that far down is a huge concern.


I remember that’s what they did for one of the early seasons of House Rules when it had a ‘soft’ launch and that worked for it. The difference is HR was a ‘new’ show then so it was ‘easier’ to convince people to tune in or give it a 2nd look whereas all of the changes to MKR have turned off viewers.

If Seven had aired a ‘traditional’ MKR season against The Block this year, I reckon it probably would have performed decently. However, I think they’ve ‘killed’ the show with what they’ve done to it and how viewers haven’t responded well to it


I agree. I think against The Block MKR could have done quite well. 7 were not brave enough to take that risk and try something new against Married at First Sight. They were like ‘700k is better than having something completely fail.’ It has completely backfired on 7. This has always been the issue with 7. They fail to take risks. They play things way too safe. However, this is why I have been somewhat positive about the direction of Big Brother. They were willing to take a risk on it. However, its still a tired format. 7 could have tried so many new bold formats yet they took on shows like Farmer Wants a Wife and Big Brother. It will be a long year for 7.


Has the second series of MKR or whatever they are calling it with Matt, been filmed yet?

Manu Feildel said in a recent interview that the new show with Matt Preston would start filming in April.

Wait a minute…more viewers preferred to watch documentaries on the ABC & SBS about trains than My Kitchen Rules which was barely over the 400k mark? Hahaha!

As much as I despise the program, I would’ve thought the start of Married At First Sight would be a bit stronger this year.

Surely we’ll see “Plate Of Origin” (Again, did anyone at Seven think about the abbreviation before agreeing to that title?) delayed until next year or possibly not even make it to air?

Looks like @TV_Addict was right with his prediction


Nah. I’d say it will run after the Olympics and if successful, will be the time of year for future MKRs.

It was pretty obvious to me this season was going to fail with all the changes they made which went against the concept of the show. Viewers hating all the changes they made as much as I did as soon as I heard them.

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I imagine Kerry Stokes is sulking today.

Really? More likely kicking arses at Seven. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As they say on The Weakest Link, I can imagine the advertisers and viewers saying this to Seven in the wake of last night’s MKR and its ratings:

‘You are the weakest link, goodbye’


Given Home and Away will be rested during the two weeks of Tokyo Olympics, Seven may as well air double episodes of the soap on Monday to Wednesday in the next three weeks or so to make up the 10 episodes, leaving MKR on Thursday. At 8pm on Monday-Wednesday Seven should air alternatives like factuals.

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