Tuesday 4 December 2018

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I agree a small number of extra viewers may tune in early to watch a big show, however I think that number is so low it would be virtually insignificant in the scheme of things. Gogglebox did well but had some shocking performers air before it. Same with most of Ten’s shows. Masterchef did well at 7.30 Sunday – did The Project lift? I’m sure what you’re saying is true sometimes but I don’t think the impact is significant. As others have pointed out, Home and Away still has had challenges all year in terms of total viewers and key demo dominance.


It can vary from a small boost to a massive boost. I think you need to be less arrogant when people offer an alternative view to your opinion.

Imagine how much worse those shows would have done if they didn’t have the popular programs that follow. In fact, don’t imagine. Look at the ratings since those shows ended.


They are by the looks of it, splitting their animation domination over 2 nights, I wonder if they are testing the waters… (But that’s for another thread)


Home and Away still delivers demos, 50k on catch up, and 40-70k online which would easily put it ahead of the chase. The chase is 60 mins, its average total is a good 100k less than the 5:30pm total only.


Yup, How to Stay Married and Shark Tank are big lead in reliant programs. Without the realities before them people didn’t turn on the station again.


Ambulance and The Good Doctor the stand out performers in total people results, both dominating their timeslots. Ambulance also well clear of opposition in key demos. Big Bang really struggling with a poor lead in.

Outside the top shows were
21 Simply Nigella
22 FBI
23 Great Railway Journeys
24 The Resident

Sunrise was almost 60,000 clear of Today.

Despite some underperforming shows in total people, Nine won the night in most key demos in main channel and network shares. 10’s main channel was number one in 16-39.


It’s pretty naive to think that if a show is rating well that shows around it wouldn’t benefit.


Yeah you are right. Shows like The Project often perform based on what they have on at 7.30pm. I know that I am more likely to flick The Project on whilst cooking dinner if there is something on Ten afterwards that I’m watching.


Chase well ahead of Hot Seat for this night in Brisbane, has the gap widened on a consistent basis?

Also, the ABC numbers for Brisbane seem to be very low, the smaller market of Perth is ahead or close to Brisbane in viewership, why is this? Has there been a decline of ABC TV audience in Brisbane?


You’re confusing lead-out from lead-in.

You’re one to talk.

What shows have crashed and burned after a popular show airing AFTER them went off the air?


The Project for one, when Masterchef, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are not on.


Nope, I specifically say LEAD IN, comparing that there is a ripple effect that people tune in early and don’t turn off straight away.


I am not referring to lead-in programs. We are talking about lead out-programs affecting programs that air before them. Aka clutching at straws


I remember a time of a Masterchef finale where the project rated close to 1 million. The next week it was below 600k. I don’t think its clutching at straws at all.


Exactly right.


The same when Masterchef Aired after Neighbours, Neighbours would get 900k plus then drop to 700-800 after the finale aired.
MKR ends, Home and Away drops, no clutching here, I couldn’t care less whether people tune in early or not, but the numbers that are posted here show that lead out has an effect.
Australia is Program reliant on shows surviving by staying close to its lead in/out shows whereas somewhere like the UK, people will switch between channels on the half hour in their millions (and it usually doesn’t lead to programs being axed) and come back later to that channel.


You only need to look at the minute by minute break downs to have proof! Some will clutch at straws when their opinion is challenged :stuck_out_tongue:


For like 6 months (2009)? Neighbours would never have rated that in 2010, its (then) horror run, barely 600k. Then went to Eleven.


It would have been before The Project aired at 7pm.


I don’t have access to minute by minute data so can’t be expected to comment on that. People mentioning Masterchef’s affect on The Project and the MKR boost to Home and Away are ignoring my earlier comment where I said: I agree a small number of extra viewers may tune in early to watch a big show, however I think that number is so low it would be virtually insignificant in the scheme of things.

I still think in a debate, you are clutching at straws if you talk about distant memories, can’t point to anything recent (i.e. in 2018 the year we are actually living in) and don’t have data to back up your claims.