Tuesday 19 February 2019

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It goes further back than that. The mistake is not renewing its deal with Tennis Australia before Nine swooped.


Everyone can clearly see that Home & Away is dragging MKR down, but are blind to the Project dragging 10 down. 400k just doesn’t cut it for a 7pm program. And, now that its demos are shit, why is it still on?


It’s not going to change overnight. The new presenters only started a month ago. It will take a few more month’s to really see if the damage is irreparable or not.


Karl Stefanovic would be pointing out that the ratings for Today were never this low when he was still hosting


From what I’ve ready Tennis Australia wanted a change as they’d become annoyed with seven over various things, chief amongst them, the paid app business.


With most other things going well for Nine, it’s clear there is a fundamental problem with the Today that viewers are not warming to. The ratings are the worst they’ve ever been and heading in the wrong direction. Unfortunately I think Nine will have to stick with the current on-air team for fear of alienating even more viewers.

And in other numbers, Today Extra slumped to a very low figure yesterday with Studio 10 just 8,000 behind.

Hughesy ranked 23rd ahead of Ambulance that was 24th.


Neighbours rated lower than 112,000. It is irrelevant these days.


But yesterday it was 123,000 and 16th in the top 20.

It’s relevant to Ten who need the Australian drama and Australian content.


Or even over Easter. It was a stupid decision. 50 week schedule and in the first 7 weeks we see a repeat.


Neighbours is essentially just a British soap filmed in Australia these days, isn’t it?


It’s only partly funded by Five in the UK. It is also funded by Ten and Film Victoria. Australia still calls the shots but the Brits have influence.


No it doesn’t but it was still their number 1 show in primetime.

Which is what I was getting at yesterday. They need to really work on the show NOW. Because viewers will be tunning in to it when they switch on the tvs.


That’s what will happen to Home and Away if it gets moved to multichannels. It will lose 50% of its audience instantly and then slide slowly into oblivion.


I’m surprised you haven’t suggested that Seven should run The Simpsons at 7pm.


Sunset — the Sunrise spinoff with Melissa Doyle at the helm


Stuff 7pm move the news there and put simpsons at 6pm.


Neighbours deserves better figures at the moment. The current storyline which is leading to the death of one of the main characters is being done so well, and some of the acting is amazing.

MAFS - surely some of these people must be paid actors. Don’t they understand that whatever they do and say is going to be out there forever?? Imagine applying for a job in five years time and the employer does a search on you and finds that you went on a reality show and that you’re a complete a*hole!

Married at First Sight

10 Bold giving 7mate, 7Two and 9Go a good run for their money so far this year


Judging by the promos and Gogglebox reviews (which are about all this viewer can stand), I personally thought MAFS in general was low rent trash.

Surely for a majority of contestants, it’s more about trying to boost their media profiles than actually finding love? :confused:

Yep, I’d be willing to bet that Seven will try and get the tennis back after the current deal with Nine.

Surely Nine thought about the potential for viewer backlash when they removed Karl (and also let go of Pete & Tim + reduced Sylvia & Richard’s airtime) from Today at the end of last year?

You’d have to imagine that the network will have to stick with Today’s current on-air presenting team for at least a full ratings year.

Even if it were to move to a multichannel, I’m fairly sure that Seven would continue to produce Home & Away for as long as it remains profitable via international sales and helps top up their local Australian content/drama quotas.


That’s why I will never have sympathy for past contestants who whinged about being misunderstood after the show ends.