Tuesday 16 June 2020

It isn’t exactly about winning though. Its about exposing an audience to Big Brother.

No. It’s all about winning. They’re not worried about building up one show that’s the favourite of some fans. They’re interested in winning every night and the whole week.

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Wouldn’t building a show and finding it a new audience help it to get closer to winning Monday and Tuesday? There is a bigger picture than just winning every night. Its not like they are going to lose Wednesdays with the move so they still will win the night with BB and possibly win the night by more. They aren’t even currently winning Sundays anyway and lost by quite a margin this week anyway. If winning is the main objective doing that move would probably be better anyway because BB would provide a bigger Wednesday share the Talent.

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That’s total people… Go back and look at demo %

They still aren’t winning that time slot in the demos. Masterchef is beating it. And even the voice beat the main portion in the 25-54 demo.

I just don’t agree with you. Sorry. I think BB would be better off on Wednesday’s for 7. It’s a wasted opportunity.

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I agree. But there is also something to be said for having string content on a Sunday - which can help set up the week.

They already have that though with the AFL

Not in prime and not in QLD, BNE and SYD markets which is the majority of the population