Tuesday 16 June 2020

BB solidly back above 400k in 25-54, that will more or less keep it as the #4 show on broadcast TV for the week after Master, AFL and HYBPA

And it’s Sunday Monday and Tuesday Broadcasts will All make the top 15 broadcasts of the week

Home and Away - could it be benefiting from the halo of BB?

This might be somewhat controversial but I have as much interest in learning about a TV Presenter’s family history as I have in an Instagram influencer’s fashion choices.

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It’s not really about the TV presenter but more about ancestry and history than the celebrity themselves. There’s a lot to be learnt from these shows unlike fake reality shows and sport.

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I watch more for the history lesson than I do for the celebrity involved. Not particularly a Denise Scott fan but the story of her mother’s birth and how it loomed in the background throughout her life was compelling. It’s interesting to see the traits exhibited by the ancestors coming into play during the course of milestone events in history and how they shaped and echo in the life of the person who is featured in each show.

I see more value in watching something like this than sitting through a reality series that features brain dead morons struggling through contrived challenges or trying to pick a partner. There is no greater challenge than getting through life’s real hardships and there’s something to be learned from watching how other people did it.


Programs such as Who Do You Think You Are? aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but like others I’d probably be more interested in something like that compared to Big Brother or other such “media profile boost vehicles” on the commercial channels.


And next time think carefully about the timing… don’t put it up against two shows that were established and rating well.
Also, it’s clear it would perform better M-W than it is on Sun -T. I’d move it now.

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I don’t think 7 (in fact, anyone) was expecting the Masterchef revamp would be such a hit, and The Voice has a much-older audience. The purpose of Big Brother was to bring younger demos to the network and unfortunately that’s been slightly hampered by Masterchef’s success.

Definitely agree that BB should switch back to M-W - I think the announcement that Masterchef was reducing to 3 eps a week was only announced last week so they probably didn’t have time to switch the schedule this week?

Imagine if BB aired tonight only competing against Kath & Kim repeats + Bondi Rescue!! I think 7 is airing America’s Got Talent at 7:30pm tonight, so they could easily put that on Sunday nights and air BB the next 3 days.


I was going to say exactly the same.

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And just hand over Sunday nights to Nine and Ten, huh? You trying to give The Voice a leg up?

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Could pull viewers away from The Voice

Or crash and burn because the same viewers would watch both.

It probably does mean Nine will win Sunday’s but I reckon Masterchef would still pull bigger numbers (especially in the key demos) than The Voice.

But BB’s numbers on Sunday and Monday were pretty dreadful - 680k and 658k compared to Voice and MC which were both in the mid-900ks. It’s not going to pull more viewers by airing on the same days as those 2 shows. By having no competition on Wednesdays, you would expect it to be the #1 show in its timeslot and a winner in the demos.

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But they need to be competitive every night and are probably thinking they can win on Wednesdays with weaker competition and still be competitive on Sundays.

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worth it. one night of weaker performance is worth this golden opportunity to exposing a new tent pole show to a wide audience. especially if the BB episode is another strong one. the increased ratings for the rest of the BB season would pay the dividends of the one weak sunday in no time.

and if BB is only going to get 650k on Sunday anyway that could be easy to top with any random filler content. air a cheap documentary to attract some of the older audience that don’t want to watch reality shows on 9&10. When 7 axed Restaraunt Revolution the filler content that replaced it “Cats make you Lol” was the top show of the week.

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Or air the Monty specials (I presume there’s more than one?) on Sundays.

There’s usually just one show.

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2 last year, 4 episodes this year.

I actually dont think America’s Got Talent would rate that much worse than BB on a Sunday. I don’t think its that bad of an idea to move it.

But Seven won without Big Brother. No need to move it.