Triple M Network

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Working Class Man? :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem is the classic rock they play on FM is only the lame and over flogged songs. It’s WAY too narrow.


Good they’re doing a local show.


INXS - New Sensation. Then Khe Sanh. Probably.


Sounds of Then - Gang Gajang

… “this is Australia” …


The ultimate Australian song…



“All Australian, All the time” was the slogan used on AUSSIE digital.


Bohemian Rhaspody - Queen


You’re kidding right?


In what will terrify some here, Triple M metro are running punter sweepers (yeah right, Triple M office workers no doubt) with things like “one great song after another” being said… but there’s a fella who reckons it “makes me feel good.”

Oh oh…



I can’t tell whether I should have a laugh or an existential crisis.


That’s coz “feel good” is a tried and tested format. It will work as brilliantly for the blokes listening to MMM, as it did on other stations…


it was a dig from me for the guys here who hate the SCA regional Triple M, which is “Music That Makes You Feel Good” :slight_smile:


Thoughts on Moonman in the Morning? From what I’ve heard it sounds pretty good… They all work surprisingly well together.


I heard their first and last breaks this morning. They were as you’d expect. It’s day one, the most prepared for show.

Return in a few weeks when Fitz and his team have other bushfires to attend to.

Yes, the fanboys and girls will be raving about it on Radio Today and Radio Green Room, a lack of perspective inside the echo chamber. Let it settle into its natural workflow and better yet, what the audience thinks.


Is it the same as his stand-up routine where he takes the piss out of breakfast radio?

“I go to the supermarket. Do you go to the supermarket? If there are any listeners out there who go to the supermarket, give us a call.” :joy:


4MMMs breakfast team returns tomorrow for 2019.Marto, Robin and Nick Cody.Never heard of him.Anyone know where Lawrence ‘’Moonman” Mooney is this year,what station? I’ll miss him ,I liked his ‘Rich Uncle Mal’ character and also his impersonation of Prince Charles


I’m pretty sure he’s presenting the (new/The Grill Team replacement) Triple M breakfast show here in Sydney.


Cody is a comedian. He’s great. Moonman is on Sydney breakfast now. Started today with a ripper show.