Triple M Network

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However, largely unknown to Sydney at present. Especially unknown to the MMM audience.

Again, SCA can commission whatever research results they want to pay for to convince themselves that the MMM audience would know of Jess Eva, but we all know that the target male audience would be trying all they can to avoid watching reality TV that is skewed to a female audience.

More cost saving by SCA, when will they learn. You don’t win by underinvesting.


So what happened to Emma Freedman?

I don’t think Jess Eva will work and the rating might just take another dive in Sydney.


According to the Daily Telegraph article Richo linked to, Triple M are exploring other opportunities for Freedman at the network (she’s still under contract with them)


To be honest, prior to this morning’s announcement I would’ve thought Laurence Mooney is someone who’d be more likely to present a breakfast show on the Js rather than the Ms!

Although I wish everyone involved with the new show the best of luck, unfortunately it wouldn’t overly surprise me if it’s another very long year for SCA Sydney…


Second that.


She’s on Maternity Leave, it was announced she was pregnant on the Grill Team in November.
But after that who knows? Maybe a return to the Hit Network…


For the first time that I can remember no top 600 countdown this year on Mix 94.5 :thinking:


Slack isn’t it?

Email the CD and GM to convey your disappointment.


triple M Brisbane’s last song for 2018 was the final countdown by europe


Hooray, some great news. I hear he has accepted a new role with the Thugs in the Scallop Industry #GetThis


When does Luke Bona return?


Luke Bona returns Next Week


Does anybody know if Radio Chaser and Sporting Probe return this year, seen no mention of it.

Big Breakfast and Rush Hour back on air today


Freaking hope not x2


As I’ve said many times, the sporting probe was the biggest mistake made by triple m and scrapping the dead set legends.

I didn’t listen to radio chaser that much but seems like there wasn’t to many fans of them.


I’m enjoying listening to Triple M this week ,breakfast team on holidays for another week.Get to hear about 8 songs per hour between 6 and 9am instead of only 3 songs :+1:


I want to congratulate Triple M on making there main station much more listenable music wise over the Summer period.

However I’ve been listening to Triple M Modern Digital the past couple of days and I honestly believe this is what either the main MMM should sound like - they play new stuff but still play plenty of 90s and older hits. The past 3 songs have been Hereos by David Bowie, Get Free by the Vines and Guiding Light by Mumford and Sons.

They other station that would do well to take this approach would be Nova. But I know I’m living in a dream world and it’ll never happen.


That’s what they used to be like up until a few years ago… “Nineties And New Stuff” was their slogan I think.

Feedback from listeners indicated that they wanted more Classic Rock.


Mix 94.5 still has Dead Set Legends and will still be on air in 2019 with Adrian Barich, Tania Armstrong and Lachy Reid from 7 9 and 10 respectively with Elissa Macneall as anchor


What will the 1st song on Triple M Aussie Digital On January 26?