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I did hear a “104.5 Triple M Brisbane” sweeper on 2MMM some years ago, but never a Melbourne one.

Very appropriate song though if Melbourne was about to become part of Sydney!


Slightly off topic but I’ve heard a Sydney Smooth sweeper in Melbourne


It happened on 4MMM as well.

Just listening back now. There was also an awkward crash out of the 10am news into the network feed on 4MMM.


They’ve probably got some kids straight out of radio school paneling locally (hence the dead air and wrong voice tracks being played).
So why not put them to air too and keep it local rather than take the Sydney/Melbourne announcers.


I wouldn’t have thought so. With Zetta they can load all the music and voice tracks remotely so there’s no need for anyone in the studio locally.


nope, Zetta playing out on Auto, coming down the pipe from either Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide. No need for local panel operators, Zetta will just squeeze or widen the spotblocks so they all come back into time when back into program.


Miss the old days of radio where every station had a local announcer 24/7. Fox had Brad Hubba Houghton do something like 2:00am till 6:00am then traffic reports for the breakfast show. Triple M always had an overnight announcer who would pull a weekend day shift. Those days are long gone


Yes sadly.

The three evils of automation, networking and the internet are to blame of course.


Local breaks on 3MMM tonight with Dangerous Dave with a number of flash flooding warnings current around the bay


4MMM have had Mitch the morning announcer working in the breakfast slot this week.after 9am programming comes from Sydney :confused:.Its great hearing no chitchat in the mornings when the breakfast teams are on holidays :blush:I like how they are playing more classic rock hits now


Mix Website has changed its show tab just checked, Only shows showing on the show tabs now include:
Big Breakfast
Kennedy Molloy
Dead Set Legends
Ross Edwards
The Scene
My Generation

Removed Ones include
Radio Chaser
Sporting Probe
Tim Lordan
Rush Hour

I wonder if i can smell Luke Bona Broadcasting live in 2019 on mix 94.5

In a weeks time 24th December for 3 weeks Mix 94.5 will be playing music right around the clock (including in the wee hours when Nightshift is on break) but in that 3rd week the local shows return


A bizarre technical error just occurred on Triple M Melbourne. Ads began to play then Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol also began to play. They both played simultaneously for about three minutes until the ads stopped near the end of the song, with the last 30 seconds of Chasing Cars played. A sweeper aired then it was back to normal!


Melbourne, Australia’s best revenue market for radio yet SCA choose not to staff MMM with announcers around the clock.

Total disgrace.


Does Triple M Melbourne have local announcers on the weekends or is it mostly networked from Triple M Sydney?


I to hate networked stuff, it’s kust cost cutting an not giving anyone a go really. It’s good to hear someone new or different on your favourite station.

Like a few years ago in summer 2MMM had:

Maroon 6-10
Becko- 10-2
Woody (Brendan wood)/ Queer Pete (Chris North) 2-5 (alternating every few days)
Brendan Annakin 5-8

It was a great sounding roster and all local.


Response from Mix 94.5 on facebook

Nightshift with Luke Bona to remain Midnight - 5am :frowning:

Ross Edwards Moves to Mornings as mentioned earlier in this thread

Clairsy will host Ten from then at 12 each weekday

Pete Curulli on at 1pm also mentioned earlier in this thread but the actual rush hour show won’t start till usual time of 3pm


So i’ve been pretty vocal about MMM’s lack of cohesiveness - are they a talk station or a music station?

this morning on the way to work i had a bit of an epiphany. most radio listening is in cars nowdays, so talk in periods when people are driving makes sense. they can listen whilst driving, and with hands free they can even call in and contribute - so that covers breakfast, drive and overnights (for those who work overnight such as truck drivers).

during the day it’s more music focused - this makes sense because no one wants to hear some DJ jabbering on when they are in the office (or on the work site) - you have much more important things to do.

than there is the weekends - talk can work during the weekend - whether it’s footy calling or something else, because once again your in the car - taking the kids to footy games, or a day at the beach or whatever. as long as weekend nights are music focused for those who want to have a get together with some music playing


But I just want music on my commutes in the car, perhaps with some brief banter about the music and news/weather/traffic. That’s why I listen only to MMM GHD, Classic Rock, Smooth, Easy Hits, 4KQ and The 80s all on DAB+. Mainstream FM doesn’t work for me at all anymore apart from Smooth.


As I said several weeks ago, Lawrence Mooney is the new breakfast star at 2MMM with Moonman in the Morning.

He’s joined by Gus Worland, Jess Eva and Chris Page.

Fitzy says the rock hits format will continue.

Paid article below


Moonman Lands On Triple M Sydney Breakfast

Lawrence “Moonman” Mooney will host a brand new comedy breakfast show - Moonman in the Morning - on Triple M Sydney in 2019.

Lawrence is one of this country’s most celebrated stand-up comedians, known as host of his own hilarious ABC TV show Dirty Laundry Live and winner of Best Show at The Sydney Comedy Festival 2015. Many people will remember he ruined New Years Eve for thousands of Aussies when he hosted the ABC’s coverage a few years ago.

Lawrence is no stranger to radio, having been a part of the Triple M family for a number of years appearing on and co-hosting various shows around the network, most recently as a regular on Kennedy Molloy and as part of the breakfast team that’s taken Triple M Brisbane to number 1.

His Malcolm Turnbull character has seen him sell out comedy festivals and shows across the country.

Supporting Lawrence on the show will be breakfast radio veteran Gus Worland, who returns for his 10th year of Triple M Sydney Breakfast, radio announcer and rather entertaining contestant of Channel 9’s 2018 series of The Block, Jess Eva and writer and comedian Chris Page .

Triple M’s Head of Content Mike Fitzpatrick said that this show will be unlike any other on Sydney radio.

We can’t just re-do the Grill Team. It’s time to move on. This will be a real comedy and music show that gives Sydney a unique look at what’s happening in the city and plays the biggest rock hits. From Parramatta to Palm Beach, Cronulla to Castle Hill, this will be a show to make Sydney laugh.

“Lawrence is in career best form and has been honing his skills in Brisbane. Gus is a much loved part of our family and Jess has been doing breakfast radio on the Sunshine Coast for 6 years now, she’s a star of the future.”

Lawrence said “I’m actually pretty honoured to be doing breakfast in the biggest market in the country. I’m following in the footsteps of some big names at Triple M and that absolutely thrills me."

Triple M listeners can get a taste of the music now on 104.9 FM, with the recent move to include more music from the last 50 years – Rock’s Greatest Hits.

“There’s so many big hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s right through to now and our music team has curated the best of the best to play across summer and into the new year,” Fitzpatrick said.

In addition to his new breakfast show, Lawrence will be playing 11 shows at the Sydney Opera House from January 25 – February 3, 2019.