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Good work Troy!

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The Marty Sheargold Show’s ‘Spin it DJ’ competition went off twice on Friday and has just gone off again now at 7am today (Monday).

They got a hat trick! The prize is $10,000 and prior to Friday it had only been won 3-4 times since the start of the year and now it’s been won 3 times in two days.


Another botched start to the networked middawn program, The Nightshift with Luke Bona.

Originating from Sydney, the usual midnight start didn’t happen.

The lack of investment on engineering staff and SCA’s supposed world class NOC is another disappointment.

Happening with increasing frequency in the last few years.


Marty’s crew are often complaining openly about how shit Listnr is and how they don’t fix issues and have complained that they don’t have an engineer in at breakfast time and issues previously.

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Triple M have teamed up with Uncle Reco to release some retro merch. It’s available to buy now and will also be offered as prizes on air.

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That’s odd. Why would you sell merch with old branding?

Not unless Triple M wishes to change their logo back to the old branding (which I think they should do).

Nova should sell the original Novaboy merch. That’d be cool.


Trying to cash in on what’s trendy at the moment

Keep ya smart watches…

You know they aren’t cool, but deep down you really want one…


Will only calucate by threes. So should help one to work out how much they want to Triple their music.

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It can also calculate how many songs per hour are lost by dividing your music each time the NRL, AFL or cricket is being broadcast. :rofl:


On the contrary though, it can also calculate the current run rate during the cricket and a team’s “pressure rating” during an AFL or NRL game.


Retro stuff is in fashion. We are at the point were 90’s retro is coming into vogue.

I decided to fold and buy a shirt.

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