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Anyone been to Singapore?

I’m thinking of going in June, but the high humidity/temps are a bit off putting. Though other times of the year aren’t much cooler.

Looks like a great place to go to, but drinks are also REALLY expensive in bars too… Like about A$14 for a beer.


Everything costs roughly the same as Australia. Electronics especially are identically priced.


I went in May 2011.

Really enjoyed it, but yeah it’s humid and wet. Would finish every day with a swim then head back up to my room and get sweaty again. It’s a really cool place though, heaps to do and see plus easy to get around. We were near Farrer Park station (sp?) and found it simple to move place to place.

The zoo is great,

Universal Studios had just opened when we were there and parts of the attractions on Sentosa Island were still being completed. Highly recommend going though.

As for drinking, at least one I remember was outrageously priced. I paid 25-30 bucks for a vodka and lemonade in the Skypark on top of Marina Bay Sands. I didn’t get a second.


Great place to go to once, see all the attractions and tick it off your list IMO.
You can do some stuff on a budget, e.g. just stick to the hawker centres / markets for food and away from the stuff geared at tourists but as people have already said, everything costs the same or slightly more than it does in Australia.

The humidity is brutal though… I’m glad I went there at a time where I’d slimmed down, as a fat guy in the present day I’d really struggle considering the weather they get :rofl:


Remember that Qantas frequent flyer points giveaway promotion on Sunrise? I got an email from the airline on Sunday saying that the competition is now open until the last week of October. All you have to do is SMS your Frequent Flyer number, first name, surname and suburb to 19 700 774, then watch Sunrise every Friday morning to see if you have won 1 million points. If no one claims the prize, the points jackpot the following week.


3 weeks until I’m off to Europe for 3 weeks. Greece > Morocco > Portugal > Amsterdam. Pretty pumped. :smiley:


Love the place had lots of fun experiences there when l was young and carefree,very happy memories. :zipper_mouth_face:


Have a great time. Some very cool places you have chosen. Where in Greece and Portugal are you going?


Eat some magic shrooms and then walk in the big park. I did that and it was so much fun, but especially trippy because there were so many people on bicycles which freaked me out a little.

I had a stunningly mushy brain for a week after that. 10/10, gonna do it again.


You don’t need substances to be freaked out by the appearance of a MAMIL


It’s been a lot longer than a week Tommy! :roll_eyes:


I’m doing Greek Islands - Milos, Santorini and Mykonos. I’ve done the Greek Islands before so checking out a new one (Milos) and then back to Santorini and Mykonos.

In Portugal I’m only doing Lisbon. Have booked in a couple of day tours to make sure I see everything I can in the short time I’m there.

I’ve never done Shrooms and don’t think that I plan too but there will definitely be time for a space cake. I’m actually going there for a music festival so only have 1 night in Amsterdam city itself and then I’m staying out in Zandvoort (on the beach) for Luminosity Beach Festival on the weekend.


I am very jealous. I love Lisbon. Loved the Greek Islands as well but not sure I would go back.

See I did some magic mushis too but I was unable to leave a café because I was sure a cat was staring me down. I ended up having a staring competition with a poster of a cat for, apparently, 3 hours. We then went down the shopping district and had competitions to who was the least effected - the way to determine it was apparently hitting our head against the wall to prove it didn’t effect us. I don’t think any of us were in a functioning state. I spent 300 euro on slippers after that. Safe to say I will stay away next time when I visit my friend.

What music festival are you going to? My friend is also heading to the Netherlands for a music festival.


This is my third trip to Europe and third trip to the Greek Islands. It’s always a must stop for me. The one place I actually feel like I’m on holiday and I’ll be there just before the peak season too so won’t be too touristy. I just love hiring a quad bike and exploring different beaches on the islands. My favourite island is Paros which if it was up to me on this trip I would do over Santorini but my friend that I’m doing the islands with was pretty set on Santorini.

Bahahaha given my 1 night in Amsterdam city I will be on my own (meeting people the next day for music festival) I think I will stay away from the Shrooms. I know I can handle a space cake on my own but shrooms sound hardcore haha.

Luminosity Beach Festival. It’s in Zandvoort just outside Amsterdam at the end of June. I did it on my last Europe trip 3 years ago so have worked this trip around it.


I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that before. Been to Santorini four times and Mykonos five times, Rhodes and Crete twice. Every trip, I’ve visited some different ones so have been to Corfu, Zakynthos, Naxos, Paros, Hydra, Spetses…


Yeah I’m not saying I didn’t like it, I did. I just prefer Spain and Sitges (20 mins from Barcelona) more. There is still so much I want to see in Europe so I don’t think that would be another visit.


It’s like @Chris said. The islands are where I actually feel like I’m on holiday.

I’ve been doing trips the last few years in various parts of Europe and I end it with a visit to the Greek islands to relax before returning to the everyday grind of work.


That’s great. I’m not a hugely beach person though so probably part of the reason. I get much beach/culture ‘holiday’ when I go to Spain. But perhaps there are other islands I do need to check out to get another taste.

Have to agree with @Chris I like Paros too. Not sure why I feel the way I do about the Greek Islands it might be different now I am a bit older and don’t have a very tight budget when traveling. I did break my ankle when I was in Ios. Could be a reason why I wouldn’t go back. I just know there has been places I have been that I have loved and am always keen to go back, yet I don’t exactly feel the same there.


I’m going to Singapore in August & would like to get anyone’s view on a Cash Passport, are they worth getting & are they easy to use, just like using a VISA or MasterCard debit/credit card here in Australia & does it have tap & go (paywave)?


You’re better off opening a Citibank Plus Everyday Account - this will give you a Mastercard debit card that charges no FX fees whatsoever off the daily mastercard rate for purchases or ATM withdrawals.

A cash passport or other similar travel cards will offer a fixed deposit rate which while this may seem appealing (especially if you are concerned about the exchange rate declining), the reality is that most travel card vendors will add a minimum 5% to a maximum 20% margin to the exchange rate (ergo if the Singapore rate is 1:1 to AUD, they’ll only offer 0.95 if they’re taking a 5% cut) , even if they claim no commission / fees. This immediately makes it not worth it in comparison to the Citibank account.

Even your regular mastercard or Visa debit card may be a better deal than a cash passport or similar travel card (most banks have a transaction account that charges 3% margin and a fixed fee per transaction for international transactions).