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In this hilarious new series, six groups of ordinary Australians – families, couples and friends – take on the job of travel critics. Our travel guides experience the same week-long international and domestic holidays, and review the same accommodation, cuisine, and local sights. But one person’s idea of paradise can be another’s idea of hell. Produced by Nine.

I’ve got a feeling this show will be a massive hit.

Depends on where they’re sending these “Travel Guides” Could be car crash TV

The ads for this show are very typical 9, if you had the tv muted they could be for any number of genres - easily passing for Reno Rumble or The Hot Plate which I’m aware are no longer on air. When I first heard the concept of this show I thought it sounded good, now I’m really not so sure.

I really like the sound of this. A bit of a twist on the typical travel show and seems to be edited in a more comedic way. As someone who tries to travel every year this really appeals to me.

Looks like another show emulating the My Kitchen Rules way of editing and interviewing.

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Couldn’t agree more, the promos essentially look the same so they’ve immediately lost me.

Too many shows trying to copycat MKR and it’s so annoying. Be original, people.

Be original, just like MKR was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It pains me to say that I’m looking forward to this as well! :grimacing:

###Travel Guides

From Tuesday 14 February at 9.00pm

In Nine’s hilarious new series Travel Guides, six very different groups of ordinary Aussies dive into the role of travel critics, reviewing their holidays in some of the world’s hottest tourist spots.

Each trip on Travel Guides, which premieres Tuesday, February 14, at 9.00pm, is packed with adventure – from the lap of luxury to bargain-basement thrills. But with each experience opinions differ, leading to brutally honest and often outrageous reviews. After sampling the accommodation, cuisine and local attractions our guides will rate their stay out of five stars.

It all begins in Japan’s crazy, colourful and fun-filled capital – Tokyo.

Our travel guides are:

• Flight attendants Chrissy, Mon and Cath, three fun-loving friends. They’ve seen the world, but only if you count airports.

• Travel snobs Kevin and Janetta, a retired jet-setting couple from Victoria. When you’re used to flying up the pointy end, anything else is second best.

• Bargain hunters and restaurateurs the Fren family from Newcastle. They’ll stop at nothing to bag an upgrade and find the funny side of any holiday disaster.

• Hippie Queenslanders Matt and Monni, raring to go and spread “good vibes” around the globe.

• Big spenders the Rifais, a tight-knit family who agree on just one thing – that they disagree.

• Cowgirls and identical twins Mel and Stack. Look out, world, they’ve never left the country before!

Narrated by Australian actress and comedian Denise Scott, Travel Guides will be the most fun you’ll have on holiday all year.

I was looking forward to this but I don’t think they have given this a good timeslot. Couldn’t they have aired it at 7:30 during the week? Obviously Nine don’t have a lot of confidence in it.


Is Nine showing the UK version this week?

Last week’s episode was the AUS series final

This week the description of the episode is number 2 from the UK series, with next week episode 1 as per the order broadcast in the UK.

I enjoyed this show when they did the overseas locations but once they started doing the Outback, Gold Coast etc it started getting a bit boring. Oman was my favourite location that they went too and it actually added it to my ‘To do’ list.

I hope the next Australian season go with some new people though. I don’t think the casting of this show was strong enough to bring everyone back. The only ones that stand out for me were the older couple and the family with the two kids. The casting could be a bit more diverse too. We had two pairings of just girls but none with just guys. Also might have been good to have a family with some younger kids too to get another perspective as would a couple of mid 20 males on a trip together.

Also UK version last night was awful. IT felt a lot trashier. Aussie version is much better.

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Travel Guides launched earlier this year, quickly becoming one of Australia’s favourite new shows for 2017, and the Nine Network today announced it will be back for a second series.

In the next season, some familiar faces will return along with some brand new Travel Guides.

Each week, our Travel Guides experience the same international and domestic holidays, and review the same accommodation, cuisine and local sights before rating their stay out of 5 stars.

The Nine Network are now looking for new groups who love to travel and have a laugh.

If you are up for the adventure of a lifetime, head to to complete the application. Applications close at midnight on Sunday, June 4.


The Nine Network recently announced Travel Guides will return for a second series, and due to an overwhelming response the closing date for applications has been extended until midnight on Sunday, June 18.

In the next series familiar faces like the Fren family will return, and we are excited to welcome some brand new Travel Guides who love adventure and a laugh.

Each week, our Travel Guides experience the same international and domestic holidays, and review the same accommodation, cuisine and local sights before rating their stay out of 5 stars.

If you are ready to experience a bunch of free holidays, head to to complete the application.

The next series of Travel Guides will begin production later this year. The format was developed by Studio Lambert in the UK and is produced in Australia by the Nine Network.


From Monday 29 January after Married At First Sight.

Nine’s hilarious and addictive Travel Guides returns in a new series with some of your favourite guides as well as fresh faces to explore new places at home and abroad, on Monday, January 29, straight after Married At First Sight.

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for takeoff as very different groups of ordinary Aussies become travel critics. In each episode they will experience the same week-long holiday - sampling the food, accommodation and taking in the local sights. Their adventures will entertain and surprise you as they deliver no-holds-barred reviews and rate their stay out of five stars.

This series features trips to Europe, South Africa and Asia, as well as some of Australia’s favourite holiday spots. But one person’s idea of paradise can be another’s idea of hell.
Your Travel Guides are:

The Fren Family: Mark (56), Cathy (54), Jonathon (26) and Victoria (24). These endearing bargain hunters run a German café in Newcastle. The Frens will stop at nothing to bag an upgrade and always find the funny side of any holiday disaster. They are willing to try anything at least once, and never afraid to speak their mind

Kevin (60) and Janetta (66) are discerning, self-professed holiday snobs. These married, jet-setting retirees seek out the finest accommodation, food and wine, and hate settling for anything second-rate.

Stack (28) and Mel (28), are identical twin cowgirls from country NSW. Although a little wary when it comes to venturing anywhere beyond the outback, they are prepared to give anything a crack. These competitive rodeo ropers are used to roughing it and are not easily impressed by fancy holidays.

Kev (25), Dorian (21) and Teng (21) are mates who work together at Target. Their combined Chinese, Greek and Vietnamese heritage gives them a unique take on the world. These budget travelers are smart slackers who are ready to leave the comforts of life at home with their parents to explore the world.

Besties since childhood, psychologist Taash (27) and nurse Mads (27) are single travelers who are always on the hunt for a man. They have a sisterly bond, sharing a love of soy lattes, green drinks and active wear, and cannot travel anywhere without wi-fi.

In the premiere episode, our Travel Guides jet off on a week-long holiday in Bologna, the foodie capital of Italy. Often referred to as La Grassa (the fat one), it has a population of 400,000 and is rich in history, art, music and culture.

After a 25-hour flight from Australia, our Travel Guides check into their “four-star” boutique hotel before venturing into the cobblestone streets to sample the best culinary delights that Bologna has to offer. Cold cuts, cheeses, cakes and pizza will tantalise their tastebuds, but partaking in a tortellini-making class will try the patience of the local pasta masters.

Our Travel Guides will have the opportunity to say hello to His Holiness as Pope Francis makes a highly-anticipated visit to Bologna. It will be a patient wait as they vow to get a glimpse of the pontiff, but as the Popemobile approaches, what happens next will leave everybody speechless.

Then, they will experience the ride of their lives as they get behind the wheel of a $500,000 Ferrari on a racetrack. So who will be the biggest speed demon?

Also, our Travel Guides will head for the hills south of Bologna in search of truffles, sniffing out a small fortune in fungus. Meanwhile, a visit to the annual eel festival in the village of Comacchio will be a gastronomic experience to delight some and revolt others.

After experiencing the best that Bologna has to offer, will this Italian city disappoint our Travel Guides? Or will they recommend it as your next “must see” travel destination?

Narrated by Aussie comedian Denise Scott, Travel Guides is a format developed by Studio Lambert in the UK and produced in Australia by the Nine Network.

Travel Guides moves to Mondays to take on The Good Doctor (good luck with that), partly because Nine doesn’t have an Australian drama in the timeslot after the axing of House Husbands.

I would have put Underbelly against The Good Doctor.

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