Tongue-in-cheek mocks


Newsreaders iron their shirts


Regular people iron their shirts :joy::joy:


it’s a tough shirt to iron!


New segment coming soon :rofl:

Doing the fitness squats … that’s what it was, right!? :thinking: :rofl:



That set almost looks like a jail!


Sue looking good after her hand surgery I see.


The camera is set so far back from the desk that it’s probably being filmed from Sydney


Their desk is so big, the Snooker Championships are considering their studio for next year.


That picture wouldn’t look out of place in the Tongue in cheek mocks thread. :joy:



Put that on YouTube with a spellbrooked-like icon, it’ll go viral!


We all know how Nine has 9GEM (GEM standing for General Entertainment and Movies). This would be WIN TV’s version of that kind of channel. Mind you knowing Bruce, it would have no reference to what is screening on the channel - much like the WIN channel GOLD making no reference to specific programming on the EPGs



Then when the Gordon family does a Packer family type deal, BRUCE TV would be renamed as



If Media Spy had a showbag…

Contents include:

*RTL/SDR tuner - ideal for DVB-T, DAB+ & FM.
*A proper VHF/UHF antenna…because those ones provided in the boxes of tuners are utterly hopeless at reception.
*Metal keyring…without anything extra.
*Umbrella - you’ll probably be more likely to use this than the sunglasses, knowing what the weather is often like in Sydney at Showtime!
*Coffee mug - may be broken once you arrive home.
*Drink Bottle
*Blow-up Hammer (because what Easter Showbag would be complete without one?)
*Tote bag to carry it all in.

Plus your choice of “Relaunched Size” snack & drink (range including, but not limited to those pictured)

Other suggestions welcome. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would’ve included a “I hate the WIN shitstain” bumper sticker, the “return The Simpsons to 6pm on Ten” T shirt and a channel Ten programmers white board with First Thing at 6am and news at 6pm already entered with permanent marker.


How big is that? Surely we’re talking a few kilos


The largest sized bag produced for the chips and 1.25 litre bottles for the soft drink, because a 2 litre bottle would be just far too heavy while the old 600ml “Buddy” size probably isn’t quite big enough to be “Relaunch Sized” for many Media Spy members! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Geez, that would be an expensive bag! :rofl:

A proper MediaSpy showbag has the following:

  • DAB radio
  • Shitty earphones
  • Shitty cap that doesn’t fit
  • Shitty keep cup that leaks
  • Shitty useless lanyard
  • Stickers that don’t actually stick to anything
  • A ECC-branded vomit bag because I make everyone sick :rofl:
  • Out of date lollies, chips and drinks
  • Useless coupons for brands and business you’ve never heard of
  • all kept in a duffle bag that breaks when you put anything heavy in there.

All very ridiculously priced, of course. :rofl: :money_mouth_face:


All branded with shitty WIN mappy I presume? :joy: