I’ve actually started watching some bits and pieces of both, I haven’t really watched both for a decade. I understand the fluffy components of each is the new normal.

While both are quite similar, fluffy nonsense and clown weather presenters, I do think Karl and Sarah are a better team. Sarah is a great interviewer. Karl is Karl, however can go off script and actually ‘interview’. I find Nat and Shirvo very bland. It appears the whole Sunrise agenda is more scripted. I’m disappointed in Nat. Going back when I watched on the 2000s, she was a good interviewer. Now just comes across as very scripted and fake. Shirvo obviously would be nothing without the autocue. I think the Sunrise brand has lost credibility with his appointment, my view.

I’d still like to make some further tweaks to Today and pull less fluffy levers. The gotcha questions from both in many interviews do my head in, Karl you are so much better than that.


Today gave away the car this morning. With a possible six remotes selected by contestants, it was the first one tried that opened it, a bit to everyone’s surprise.


Mia Glover presented the weather from the Gold Coast this morning, with Tim filling in for David on Today Extra.

Dickie was also reporting live from LA.


So we’re naming cars the same as iPhones now? :joy:

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It’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it?

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Promo for next week incl Olympic themed graphic


Great graphic skills on display.


How the hell does 22% look more like 33%? Did Today learn their chart-making techniques from The Liberal sympathisers at The Australian?

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Today they ran a story on 5 weeks annual leave but the strap prior to the break said, “5 days annual leave”… last night on 9News Brisbane they had “Teen’s arrested” or something similar with an unnecessary apostrophe.
Who checks this stuff?

Probably no-one, which therein lies the issue.


Looks like a shonky Sky News graphic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Team will be in Melbourne tomorrow for origin game 2


that graphic is like join Karl, his main back up, and some other background players.


Lol I tend to agree, yet its weird cause now a days I see Sarah as the main anchor or draw for the show.

Good to see this get a run on The Cheap Seats tonight.


I think the thing about Karl is that he has this everyman appeal, like he’s someone you’d have a few beers with.

Though tbf I think Shirvo could also have that appeal if he loosened up a bit on camera. But then he’s only been doing Sunrise for a year. Over time he’ll hopefully become more natural.

Shirvo does and has loosened up in between stories and in the ad lib parts of Sunrise. Always joins in the fun and adds to the chats. But he’s serious in the interviews.
That’s the difference; Karl is silly all the time.
My elderly Dad who has always watched Today said this morning, “Geez they carry on with some rubbish.” I think that was the point when Sarah made out she had snorted her drink (looked like a put on to us) and then Karl later went on about Dutch ovens.


Shirvo’s a nice guy but compared to Karl he’s lacking 2 things:

  1. Lack of natural charisma that he just gets along well with Sarah (and Ally before her). Nat with him kind of feels like almost a teacher + student dynamic.

  2. Journalistic credentials. He’s developing it but experience wise Karl is so much further ahead and it’s hard to take ‘Shirvo’ seriously in big news events as much as they try.

Seven should’ve begged Kochie to stay for another few years, or they should’ve gone with Matt Doran who has both of the above.


I think I’ve said this before- why is Tim so disproportionately small?


5am News - Sarah Stewart who later was reporting for the show.