It’s referring to the time of day, not the station.


Lucy McLeod has returned to Today from Flash.


The networks here have graphics for the 8am news. Why do they have graphics for certain hours?

The behind the scenes stuff on socials with Andy Cohen were interesting


On todays and Andys IGs

Yes but you should link or screenshot it.

By interesting, you mean pointless and boring?

Why is Andy here? I know he’s at World Pride, but what was he on Today and Studio 10 for? Anything specific?

He has a late night talk show also on Binge. I think he’s also promoting it too

You mean WWHL?

Lara Vella “reporting” in studio this morning.


Well they couldn’t send her to Japan lol

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A pre-recorded package just claimed the NRL have 18 teams… :man_facepalming:

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Belinda just makes things so awkward its painful.

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She’s just so cringe tbh, perfect for Today Extra but not the main program.


Only two months into the new year and Nine’s breakfast show Today is not done shaking up its roster of presenters.

Alex Cullen does not look to be returning his newsreading duties after he was moved off the role in recent weeks.

After media reports he had been “demoted”, Nine has announced through its Wide World of Sports site that Cullen has taken on an “expanded” role in the network’s sports coverage.

Nine’s director of morning television, Steve Burling, said: “The importance of sport across Nine has led to us shifting focus on our line-up for Today, with Brooke Boney now taking on news and entertainment and Alex Cullen totally focused on sport.

“Alex has a passion for all things sport, so it is a comfortable fit.”

The announcement emphasised Cullen’s expected contribution to Nine’s Paris Olympics coverage. The next Olympics is still 18 months away.


I’m watching Weekend Today for the first time in a while, here’s some observations from me.

  1. Belinda is so cringeworthy, especially in the entertainment segments but she can interview very well.

  2. Roz Kelly was on this morning to discuss sport + promote Sport Sunday afterwards, good chat with Clint which I liked

  3. The weather guy is a bit ordinary.


Yeah I agree the weather man on WT is too bland for me. Bring in like Matty J who can entertain the viewers and also can read the weather properly. @nr109nr18

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I haven’t seen her host Weekend Today at all, But she’s much more suited to Today Extra with the lighter/at home sort of stories.

Who is currently doing the weekend weather? I thought it was Matty J?