I think this is fantastic. It really puts the word live into live tv. Unpredictability, audience engagement and fun.


I imagine if say Taylor Swift came back now same thing would happen. When they were in Willoughby it was out of the way and the studio closed off. Why haven’t they utilised a section for this sort of stuff or thought ahead with barricades etc… But I doubt it would have deterred those ferals

Yikes. :grimacing:

Wow so much danger :roll_eyes:


They are just getting back Nine for stories they did about Sunrise for when there was the same issues in the Plaza during the show…


Something tells me that not even Today was expecting such a huge turnout for the two celebrities. Pretty good publicity for the show nonetheless.

As for that Seven’s story on it, what’s new? If it was on Sunrise you can bet Nine News will be covering it in a negative light too. Welcome to commercial TV Australia.


Does anyone have any clips from sunrise where things were this bad :thinking: IMO either way this just shouldn’t have happened probably why Prime promotion with these two was cancelled in Perth.

They had to cancel the concert for Bieber :

So the Today scenes weren’t that bad in comparison.


I love the hypocrisy of Seven, I seem to recall people getting trampled on in Martin Place when Justin Bieber was relevant.


I would still disagree. I’m not sure how you can say it wasn’t that bad. It was just as bad if not worse than all these. The crowd made a crowd control fence collapse. Can’t see that happening is any of these videos.

Considering (as others have touched upon) what happened in Perth & Britain, they would have been pretty naive not to have expected something similar to occur this morning.

While I don’t think Today “turned a blind eye” for the sakes of publicity, they should have been better prepared for something that was completely foreseeable.


Big empty space with decently high ceilings, windows and access to outdoor balcony spaces = perfect location for a dedicated morning television studio…


Not much of a view though considering its just looking straight at another building.


These are just highlights mate, they aren’t going to actually show the bad bits on Sunrise are they?

Why do you think the Bieber concert was cancelled?

There was even one year they had to move a concert to the opera house to avoid the crush.

A little bit of a search of the old google doesn’t take much to see the history of Sunrise… They aren’t faultless and it was actually worse to the point the concert was cancelled. That’s why they stopped doing them and if they did do them it was ticketed or last minute and not advertised.

Read below:

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Seven are just salty they didn’t get KSI & Logan Paul on their show. They didn’t even say their names…

Nobody is criticising it except Seven. The only time they feature 2GB is when it’s negative.

That’s probably true…although

As I said before, if the shoes were on the other foot you can bet Nine would be the first ones firing all shots at Seven negatively. They did that for the Bieber crush back in 2011 so it’s nothing new with the pettiness on both sides.


How do we know that’s part of Nine’s space? That could be the rented out-section which is currently unused and they just borrowed for this segment?

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Apart from reactions on his YouTube, KSI also tops the chart with his music, having a #1 and #2 album.

He’s worked with Craig David, Anne Marie, Digital Farm Animals, Rick Ross, JME, Yungblud and so many more.

So much more than reactions and being a black guy


Did the Nine Network removed Traffic Updates on the Today Show?

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