It would have been so much easier if Sarah Harris did Today so she wouldn’t have to move to Melbourne and then Sarah Abo did The Project so she wouldn’t have to move to Sydney. It’s also a plus that they have the same name! :joy:


I would personally have Ally stay on Today and Sarah move on ACA. This is because:

  1. More consistency only having to replace 1 host not 2.

  2. 60 Minutes and ACA have a similar theme (with one having more infomercials but both have long reports and interviews) so Sarah Abo would be on a similar program.

  3. Sarah wouldn’t have to move to Sydney.


But I think the viewers of ACA doesn’t know Sarah that much.

They don’t know Ally either.

At least Sarah’s been seen on Today a number of times in the last 18-20 months.

Ally’s not been on ACA.


I’d suggest most viewers would be familiar with Sarah and Ally because they’d likely be consuming news and current affairs content from across Nine’s suite of programming. I don’t really think it makes a difference if they haven’t been on one particular program when most viewers are loyal to one brand and recognise them from appearances across the network. They’d still have name recognition amongst the Nine audience and those who have no idea who they are wouldn’t be in the target audience.


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One thing I’ve noted with Sarah Abo when filling in for Today - the feedback and reaction on socials has been overwhelmingly positive. She seems to hit the right note with the audience.

I think she would be a great appointment.


Weird that they want to split up Karl and Ally. Debra should have got the role, but could be hard for her to balance between 2GB and ACA


Yeah I think she wants to stick with Fri and Sat schedule.

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What number co-host will this be for Karl? He’s racked up quite a few since 2005.

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6 officially but 9 unofficially (if we count Sarah Murdoch, Kellie Connolly and Deb Knight)


Since Karl has joined there has been:

  • Tracy Grimshaw (2005)
  • Jessica Rowe (2006-2007)
  • Lisa Wilkinson (2007-2017)
  • Georgie Gardener (2018)
  • Allison Langdon (2020-2022)
  • Sarah Abo? (2023-)

So this will be Karl’s 6th host. Deb Knight not counted in 2019 as Karl wasn’t on Today in 2019.


Why have a unknown in the first place, I have only ever head of Sarah Abo in this forum never on tv or in any publication.

I’m disappointed it’s not Carrie Bickmore

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9 if we include Deb Knight for those three months in 2017


Nothing in today’s papers.

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This is quite funny:

Michael Rowland shared a post on Instagram: "And so nice of my colleagues to give me a guard of honour as I left for holidays! 🤣". Follow their account to see 1609 posts.



Did anyone snub him? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tim noticeably absent this morning after the last couple of weeks.

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Alex hosted yesterday too.


I think they just doing a routine of hosts during the summer until they find the official weekend today co-host with Belinda.

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