Has Karl Stefanovic’s absence from Today Show led to them being beaten by Sunrise EVERY morning?
Daily Telegraph.


I cannot stand Karl Stefanovic - I watch Today in spite of him. But if he’s (finally) going to be replaced, surely Nine can do better than the equally execrable Fordham and / or Wilkins. Both would be awful choices.


A few months ago the Telegraph had Steinfort gunning for Overton’s gig.


Karl has been ‘being replaced’ for the past 11 years.

I don’t think Tom is even that good.


It’s absolutely crucial Nine strikes gold when they replace overton. But thats another debate for another time.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

Personally, i don’t think Today won because of Karl… Sunrise went through a bad time early 2016 with changes all at once and then all the newspaper articles criticising the show about segments and presenters. Pretty much most Western Australians hate watching Today and Karl Stefanovic simply because he acts like a D**k, then he is sent to cover all these serious news events but people cant take him seriously here because he is always joking. Thats why Western Australia is Seven’s Town


You entitled to your view and i respect that, the only thing i will agree about David Koch is that he does seem a bit fake presenting with Sam. While with Mel he was more relatable and reached out more to the viewers.


Something interesting in Lisa’s interview yesterday…

She said [in response to someone congratulating her and the show] “yes that’s right, we won the OzTam ratings, sorry [laughing] five city metro (even though OzTam is only metro), it’s the one the advertisers really care about”.

Was that fair for her to say? Don’t advertisers care about the millions of regional Australians in RegionalTAM areas?


ever since OzTam came out in 2001, the standard bearing ratings has been METRO ONLY.

Lisa is 100% correct

It’s only now Seven wants to play with regional figures.


Sunrise is sort of like Trump. Something is only legit if it means they win.


You can’t deny the friendship between Kochie and Mel/Nat that does exist between Kochie and Sam.


I’m not like the Woman’s Day saying there is a feud between Kochie and Sam, i believe they do have a good friendship. However Kochie and Mel had something while on air that Sam and Kochie don’t, either way the ratings clearly show that people like Sam and have increased when Mel left.


In all seriousness there shouldn’t be a RegionalTAM, these affiliate networks are showing exactly the same programming as major cities (apart from local news) so why we have affiliate networks is beyond me and can be debated about in another topic. The way i see it is if your winning in Regional areas and City areas then you are Number 1, i think this should only be for national news and current affairs. From what Lisa said she is pretty much implying that Regional areas are not part of Australia and we don’t care what they do.


no she said advertisers only mostly look at metro figures and make their ad spending decisions based on that. Which is 100 per cent correct.

If you live in a regional area watch carefully and see how many ads are national and how many are local or “community messages”

Media companies buy on metro.


Remember :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What Ch 7 want… Ch 7 get…

They seem to bully everyone and everythung, into having everything and getting everything!


Had Today on this morning for about an hour while checking the DX reception and for much of the time they were discussing Married at First Sight with live crosses, interviews etc. Included “make sure to keep watching Married…” Why anyone would want to watch Today when they air this is beyond me.


The commercial networks seem to forget that their breakfast shows are supposed to be about news rather than cross-promoting reality shows.


@Awabakal actually Lisa is not correct.

Advertisers care about all
Ratings and all viewers.

As rates are set per 1000 viewers reached and the rate Is the same in metro or regional areas

It actually might be a little cheaper in regional areas - so they get more exposure for less $.

So a national advertiser may actually prefer regional!


They’re actually about ratings and that’s what rates


Sure just get rid of the news and any thought provoking discussion since it doesn’t rate as well. :rolling_eyes: They might as well just show gossip, fake news and reality show updates since that’s all that rates.