Stevie Jacobs started as weekend weather presenter this morning, he is also currently filling in for Natalia Cooper on Today.


Today Extra graphics have been slightly altered, with the clock remaining post 9am.


Stevie was great and brought some light to a rather boring show, great addition. Him and Deb seem to have chemistry, the rest not so much.

Also, it was really good to have Karl and Lisa back today. You don’t realise what you’ve got til their gone.


Does Stevie present from the studio?


No, he was doing an OB last weekend and for his time on Today. I am sure occasionally, he will be in studio although five on that small desk is a little squishy.


Today Perth News on location this morning:


Big crowd.


Who wants to be at school at 7am though lol?


Also it’s Alkimos - the literal edge of the metro area.
Why the fuck have nine driven an hour from their studios just for that!?


If it means that more people just in that community watch Nine over Seven News, then Nine will be happy.


It’s funny how Sam Mac from Sunrise was at a primary school today and had quite a decent crowd from 7am


No one. That’s the point. Why would 9 bother going if you couldn’t get a crowd? Get a sausage sizzle on or maybe free pancakes for new students to welcome in the year.


Yeah true I guess. Maybe they had a different location planned for the day and it fell through at the last minute - and quickly put this together


Natalia Cooper returning from holidays on Monday.


Fantastic interview with Lisa Wilkinson on 3AW’s Weekend Break with Grubby and Dee Dee (Luke Dennehy from the Herald Sun is also there) :grinning:

She just talked about 10 years on Today… About the Logies night where she had to decide "will I choose The Morning Show on Ch 7 or Today on Ch 9… About the awkward run-in with Larry Emdur that night… About how Melbourne was the first market when Lisa took over from Jessica Rowe, to start resonating in the ratings… About last years ratings fiasco… About Women’s footy… About politics… About Karl…

I didn’t realise that the Herald Sun & The Age that Logies day, had leaked the story about Lisa potentially defecting to Ch 9, she had a deadline to decide by both networks for that Monday.

No podcasts for this program sadly, because its too long


Glad she didn’t choose The Morning Show.


She said “When Adam [Boland] asked me, I hesitated, because I wasn’t in to infomercial shows, I’m a news hound, I like breaking news”.

I agree :+1:

Interestingly, she left Seven, when they started to ride the ratings wave. But good on Lisa, it took her (and Karl and the many teams over the years) many hard and stuggled years, to build Today to where it is now, even if it isn’t winning the ratings outright or all the time, is as close as it’s ever been. Perhaps they can work on regional now?


In Brekky Central, Boland said that Lisa loved breakfast and doing one day on WS wasn’t enough for her. She said that she had been on morning shows before.

[quote=“LukeMovieMan, post:1198, topic:101”]
Perhaps [Today] can work on regional now?
[/quote] They need to work on their content and format, which is shocking ATM, IMO.


No podcasts for this program sadly, because its too long

thats a shame. If anyone did happen to hear and and record it somehow would love to hear it.


Yes, she’d previously been a co-host on Seven’s The Morning Shift which also featured Jackie O and (IIRC) Duncan Armstrong.

(and another illustrious entry to Jackie O’s television CV)