Peter Stefanovic co-hosting with Jayne with Lara Vella reading news along with James making his debut on sport this weekend.


Great to see James on the show. Hopefully he is a permanent addition to the team?


And with that, we finally have a permanent team.
Tom and Deb
Steve on weather!



Mmmm, that’s interesting. Tom was reporting on the news last night so maybe Pete is still the co-host until 60 Minutes returns.


[quote=“David, post:1144, topic:101, full:true”]
… we finally have a permanent team.Tom and Deb, Jayne, James and Steve … Brilliant!
[/quote] I wouldn’t say it is a brilliant team but it is brilliant that they finally have a news, sport and weather presenter.

I was ready to say this morning that Erin Molan should have been given the role but having seen James this morning, he is a great addition. I just question why they persisted with Cam and Pete doing sport for close to two years when Yvonne, Emma, Clint, Julie and Erin were all available.


None of those names you mentioned, except Clint, are suitable or would add anything to the show.


@mattrobts looking at James tweets he is permanent addition to the weekend team…


I thought Tom got the weekend Today show gig? Is Pete still going it and 6o mins?

I wonder if Karl will be at the Australia day outside broadcast on the 25th? I reckon he would be for sure covering the Donald Trump inauguration on the 20th but then again all that coverage will happen on the Sat for us.


I think Pete is just filling in? Tom has posted photos on holidays and refers to himself as ‘Weekend Today co-host’ on Instagram.


@Drew_1981 yes Karl is hosting Trump inauguration for Nine.
I agree that Pete is just filling in and most likely when Deb returns to weekends Tom will start officially as co-host.


Both Peter Stefanovic and Lara Vella have finished filling in on the show.


Lara has done well and I hope she continues as Jayne’s main fill-in on Weekend Today.


Tim McMillan co-hosting with Sylvia and Alicia Loxley reading news again this week.

Stevie Jacobs is back presenting weather filling in for Natalia for a few weeks.


Extended edition of Today for Australia Day.


Karl is live from Washington,D.C. this morning with Robert Penfold.


…and just like that Today becomes less watchable.


Tim and Alicia have finished filling in on the show.


Weekend Today special edition starting at 6am tomorrow with Deb Knight & Tom Steinfort, Jayne Azzopardi on News and James Bracey on Sport.


It is great to have Deb back with 2017 team except for Stevie. James Bracey seems very comfortable in his role showing his passion and enthusiasm for sport in his presenting style.


Lisa has returned from holidays with Tim Gilbert co-hosting with her this morning.