He’s been doing it for the past 50 years. :stuck_out_tongue:


Since the start of January, Natalia Cooper now features in the endtag (I really wish they would shoot a new one instead of placing random photos together):


At least they’ve added her. Sunrise still haven’t bothered too add Sam Mac too any of their endtags and he’s been with the show for almost a year.


Why was Steve Jacobs demoted?


He chose to move to Vanuatu and only work weekends.


Oh. That’s slightly unusual isn’t it? Each to their own I guess.
Must be getting paid okay to cut back that much at a young age.


Steve Jacobs wasn’t demoted, I believe that his move to Weekend Today was a personal one to spend more time in Vanuatu with his family.


He just turned 50 (crazy I know), plenty of people are winding back and even retiring at that age.


@spw68 Stevie is now 50 and cutting back a bit to be able to enjoy watching his kids growing up ,he is also working on business ventures with his wife this year.


What is it about the South Pacific that has these Australian weather presenters uprooting their lives to spend so much time there? Tim Bailey has business interests in the Cook Islands and now Steve Jacobs has moved to Vanuatu. You’d think a weather presenter would be well placed to be aware of the vulnerability of these Pacific Island nations to climate change.


Are you taking the piss? They’re just enjoying them before they sink below sea level :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wednesday (11.01.17) – Friday (13.01.17) : Tim McMillan is co-hosting with Sylvia and Alicia Loxley is reading the news. Nine News Melbourne’s Madeline Slattery is presenting the weather with Natalia now on holidays.


Oh I wish!!! :slight_smile:


Fresh faces put the summer heat on creaky Today lineup

TBH, I am not sure the ratings reflect this.


Since the end of ratings in November Today has won just 3 days.


Today will be live from Parramatta Park again this Australia Day, January 26, from 5.30- 10am.


I don’t think Cam would be overly keen to present sport on a program he once hosted.

Why is a sports presenter so necessary?


In 2017, Cameron Williams will be the Sunday-Thursday sports presenter on Nine News Sydney and probably one of the main faces of Nine’s sport coverage as a whole.

The chances of him returning to Weekend Today anytime soon: Approximately 0%.


With James Bracey now the face of Nine’s rugby league coverage I’d expect to see him being used quite extensively on Weekend Today. He’ll be hosting games on Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to see him front up to do the sport on WT. I think Cameron managed to combine hosting WT with fronting rugby league most weeks?

We can all watch with a keen interest when Bracey makes his debut on Nine tomorrow morning. It’ll be interesting to see how he gels with the team.


Wait what? Are you saying James is starting on Weekend Today tomorrow?