Davina Smith on the show this morning talking about the news headlines.


I loved Natalia Cooper’s tweet this morning '‘l’m third wheeling it’!Hehe


Friday (30.12.16): Tom Steinfort is co-hosting with Sylvia this morning as Pete is off sick. Natalia Cooper is on news and weather and Clint Stanaway is presenting sport from the MCG.


What a shame Pete wasn’t sick earlier in the week!:wink:


Saturday (31.12.16) - Sunday (1.01.17): Jayne Azzopardi is co-hosting with Tom again this weekend, in addition to presenting the weather. Lara Vella is reading the news.


Pete has been in hospital according to Instagram.


Alicia Loxley will be presenting with Tim McMillan tomorrow. With Sylvia on news & Clint on Sport.


Interesting they have put Alicia on news this time with Sylvia as host. sort of like a demotion? lol


Natalia Cooper has returned to presenting weather today


Monday (02.01.17) - Friday (06.01.17): Nine News Perth’s Tim McMillan is co-hosting with Sylvia. Alicia Loxley is reading the news with Clint Stanway on sport.


Consistency , yes, but also probably that Sylvia is Lisa’s main (only) fill-in. When Alicia last co-hosted in 2014/15, Sylvia wasn’t co-hosting at all.


Alicia should of been Co-Hosting much more enjoyable then Sylvia IMO. I thought she might of been Co-Hosting she did present Today with Karl on the 18/7/14 when the MH17 tragedy happened.


@mattrobts Pete spent two nights in hospital over the New Year period suffering from parotitis,he is now on the mend.


Peter Stefanovic co-hosting with Jayne and Lara Vella reading news ,Sophie Walsh presenting weather today.


Hey, does anyone in here have the interview Lisa did with Tony Abbott when she asked him what he’s done as Minister for Women and he replied “we repealed the carbon tax”? It seems to not be online probably because it got pulled? If someone has it could they please upload to Youtube (maybe unlisted) and PM me link? Need a good quality version of it for a project Im working on.

Also if you have the interview Lisa did with Barnarby Joyce when she said “are you going to answer everything in one syllable words?” and he then did that. If you need dates let me know I believe one was from 2014 and the other 2016?


Monday (9.01.17)- Tuesday (10.01.17): Tim McMillan is co-hosting with Sylvia again this week with Alicia Loxley back on the news. Tim Gilbert (finally) and Richard Wilkins are both back from holidays after 6 weeks and 2 weeks off respectively.


@nationalnews Maybe Tim took part of his long service leave.Sounds like he had a lovely family holiday overseas.


Loving Alicia Loxley reading news on the show.


More cost cutting at Nine? Richard Wilkins had to vacuum the carpet in LA. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sure he’s done that joke before.