I would say it was the negative press ever since Karl got divorced, not to mention the stories about him and Georgie hating each other and the outright lies in the womans mags.


As l thought David handled this type of coverage very well as he does have experience on Today Extra doing special coverage.


In your opinion.
In my opinion, she is one of the greatest assets Today has. The two female hosts aren’t the problem.


In your opinion. As you said, in your opinion.


It strikes again :joy:


I’m getting ads right here on Media Spy that Deb and Georgie have “separated”? Honestly… lol.


I think the problem with Today is that Nine are flogging a dead horse. Today doesn’t offer the viewer anything different from Sunrise or ABC breakfast, which both shows do their jobs quite well respectively.
Will a straight, no nonsense 9 News bulletin rate higher then the current product? Who knows?


Also they hyped up this all new Today but it’s just the same old Today with just a few new faces and old faces gone. Nothing different and nothing new to draw people back to the show.


ABC already provides straight news. Today needs to be in the middle of Sunrise and ABC.


News Breakfast has straight portions and fluffier portions, especially with some of its interviews with people in the arts and society. That Friday Confab segment is interesting, too.

I think 9 doing a rolling, standard-style bulletin for 4 hours is worth… considering. I’ll leave it at that.


Weekend Today started at 6am AEDST again today with special coverage on the aftermath of the Christchurch Terror Attack. They are live into QLD and SA too.


This morning


The idea is there but it does look a little strange without maybe one of the hosts standing there introducing or crossing to the reporters.

Copying 10 News First’s use of their new set?


Sunday -


I thought of the same thing this morning. Maybe, if Deb was in rural NSW covering some bushfires and they had three other reporters, Georgie could stand at each lightbox and throw to them. However, in this case when they are all reporters, I think it is fine. It’s no different to how Sunrise feeds some of their file vision onto the 7 News set.

Thanks @Salty


Did they really show the gunman shooting inside?


Sunrise did something similar with their 3 reporters on the one screen where the 7NEWS set is


The angle used this morning was better, the farmers more level with less of the rise shown so it didn’t look like they’d just removed the couch.


Monday -

Tom Steinfort in Christchurch this morning.


Does anyone have the generic promo of The Today Show with the team on it?