Are the ratings frightful- yes. But they were still 100k behind Sunrise (as they were, if not further away, every days last week). To put things in perspective, Sunrise lost 33k viewers from last Monday, Today 28k.



Awkwardly hilarious. :joy:


The only time this show gets media attention these days is for record low ratings and when Karl’s name is evoked in these click bait comedy segments. First it was the Kennedy Molloy appearance and now Gleeson who they should know would make light of the turmoil. Pretty sad when you have to keep bringing up the dumped former host in order to get some attention.


Full video of Tom Gleeson on Today, here:


Honestly though, I’m sure Karl is sorely missed.


Too bad that this was all a grand stunt and, after taking a year break, Karl makes his grand return next year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve actually considered Karl could return if Nine doesn’t have the stomach to persevere and wait the years it’s going to take for the current team to boost ratings.


Not going to happen. They are literally hopeless. I go back to sleep with Today.


Welcome back Karl:

Opps, wrong show.


Thursday (14.03.2019): Tom Steinfort is live outside the Melbourne Supreme Court with special coverage on the Pell sentence and Boris Ristevski pleading guilty for manslaughter of his wife. Georgie and Deb are reading the rest of the day’s news and Tony Jones is on today with sport, live in Melbourne.

Noteworthy comment from @KevinPerry :


Another very poor result for Today; one of its lowest numbers and over 90,000 behind Sunrise. Around only 20,000 ahead of News Breakfast and that wasn’t shown in Perth on ABC1 due to the Pell coverage.


News Breakfast overtakes Today in the morning.


Not really a fair comparison considering the Pell coverage on Breakfast television in Perth would’ve skewed those figures.


Maybe. But it’s clear that News Breakfast is on the verge of overtaking the Today show. I believe it already has in Adelaide, and it’s very close in Melbourne and Perth. It also came second in Brisbane the other day.


ABC Breakfast wasn’t shown on the main channel in Perth yesterday so the result for Today could have been worse.


I’m suprised @blackbox hasn’t mentioned this on his podcasts.


I’ve been keeping an eye on it, actually been working up an article on it. I think we’re now looking at a three-horse race at breakfast. Certainly unthinkable a year ago


It isn’t panick mode at Today and it shouldn’t be jubilation for News Breakfast just yet.

Those figures reported are national results, not the acclaimed 5-city metro measure. Yes, News Breakfast has been getting year-on-year growth and has frequently been beating Today in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth for this year. However, you also have to take into account of News Breakfast having a live channel, all year, and what your stance is regarding a show simulcasting and how a ratings result is calculated (Family Fued was criticised heavily for this).

Credit where it is due.


Any chance of comparing the regional ratings which would include breakfast on Sky News on WIN, and if it is catching up on Today?


I have to be honest and say that if I was running Today I would be in panic mode. The trend isn’t good. It’s one thing to start low and climb, but it’s going from bad to worse. And there’s also the perception of how you’re performing. You’re absolutely right about the national figure which is why I haven’t written anything up yet, but there is a growing perception Today is sinking… and that narrative loses trust with viewers who keep seeing those headlines.