I think he has been a bit of a misfit. Tom was a great 60 Mins reporter and, in turn, you would assume that he would be capable of OBs for rolling/special coverage. However, on the both occasions he has done so, he has struggled.

I hate to compare him to the former team but Sylvia’s strength was on the road (and that is not even including Karl or Lisa). Tom seems out of his depth at the desk and hosting event coverage.


Ditch him and have Georgie and Deb anchor the whole show with people like sports presenters/Brooke/Stevie joining the team throughout the day.


Twitter updated


As was Facebook



Oh my god


I think there’s a letter missing in “Waking” :stuck_out_tongue:








Jayne Azzopardi hosting with David and Lara Vella reading news this weekend,with Allison Langdon on maternity leave.


Allison Langdon gave birth to her second child, a baby girl last Sunday.


A typo error of the Boeing 373-Max 8 aircraft has gone down in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia shortly after takeoff, killing all on board.


It’s a popular search on Google.


The trend down continues with Today receiving its lowest rating for the year for yesterday’s show (and I would say ever?)…


Do we have a link to the numbers?


Yes lowest rating ever, Today rated lower than The Morning Show on Seven. Today beat News Breakfast in Sydney and Perth. (Melbourne was a tie)


So news breakfast came second in Brisbane and Adelaide?


Tom Gleeson searches the Nine studio for Karl Stefanovic.


:joy: Brilliant.