what a disgrace, The Daily Telethrash.



That article makes a very good point I think.

While I’m still don’t think Nine has the right mix of presenters (especially if they want to truly appeal to a national audience rather than just a Sydney/East Coast audience) or content for Today, hitting the panic button after five or six weeks would not be the right thing to do.

Completely exiting the breakfast TV market will never be an option for Nine either, the experience with Ten shows that once you leave there’s no turning back especially when you’re trying to re-enter a market you haven’t been in for two decades or so.


The one thing that the article really failed to address imo, is the fact that when Lisa started she joined a show that was really “scandal” free and it had little media attention compared to now. Georgie and Deb have come into the show at a tough time and worse than it was when Lisa came in.

So to say that shows take their time to build audiences is somewhat correct but when the show and its presenters face continual media scrutiny and have viewers commenting how they want ‘certain presenters’ back they are in a far worse position. Its basically a fractured family that has gone through a divorce and people aren’t responding well.


The show did have its scandals (boning of Jess Rowe, myriad of co-hosts), but you are right not the extend of now.

I really hope Nine give both Deb and Georgie a chance.


Brooke Boney and Richard Wilkins are in LA. They will be at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood for the glamor and action in the 91st Academy Awards.


Just to clarify regarding Shane Crawford:


That’s the problem when networks/programs invoke the ‘nuclear option’ (like Nine has done with Today) - if viewers don’t respond well to the changes, it can make the situation or problem/s they tried to fix even worse

It clear that they’ll give this new team time to bed in. The $64,000 question is if things don’t improve (or even get worse) in say six months time - how long will/can they hold their nerve before making changes?



Richard Reid is Waking Up With Today… Again?


Didn’t they announce he was signed to Studio 10 last week?


Fake news!


I didn’t hear any announcement… Where did you read this?


That story is only being reported by KIIS FM and it’s state equivalents. I don’t see him returning to TODAY and if he comes back then that’s basically showing that 9 has no faith in this new team.


Settle down we know what he meant.


Sorry sir :blush:


Good boy! :grinning:


They have Richard Wilkins, Brooke Boney and, to an extent, Sam Rubin. Does Today really need another entertainment reporter?

Won’t happen. Even though I like Reid, you have to remember that viewers preferred Sunrise’s Showbiz Editor Nelson Aspen because he didn’t shout at you in the morning.


Tuesday (26.02.2019): Richard Wilkins is live in Hollywood for Entertainment today, for a wrap up of the Oscars. Brooke is in transit.

And this:

Sadly, Georgie did so much better than Tom.