I wonder to myself what the team would’ve looked like if Lisa was still there.
Georgie and Lisa?
Ben and Lisa?
Would Tim and Silvia still be there?


It would still be Karl & Lisa


Tend to agree with you there!


Today rated over 200k for the first time this week but was over 90,000 behind Sunrise.


So News Corp double downs and attacks further.


“many years” lol.

Ten’s Breakfast supposedly had 10 years to become successful and we know how that turned out.


Did he actually say that? Or is it fake news again?


From The Australian

“This is a thing that takes many years to establish, a new show, and a new format and a new crew,’’ Mr Marks told The Australian.

A couple of agencies that The Australian contacted for the report didn’t seem to agree.

Julian Townley, the chief executive and founder of creative agency Redengine SCC, said the show’s fresh on-air team, headed by Gardner and Knight, lacked the journalistic breadth and depth that former co-hosts Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson brought to the program.

Mr Townley said Nine needed to make changes before the show’s ratings slipped any further.

“If you’re going to fail, fail fast. Adapt and get on with it,’’ he said.


Fusion Strategy media analyst Steve Allen said Nine had yet to ­“decide on a strategy, a strategic direction”.

“They have not done this, in our view. More of the same and Sunrise will beat them on this: establish­ed line-up, established format, established hosts and cash give­aways,” Mr Allen said.


It is obvious that he does not watch the show.


I just watched an old bloopers reel. Karl - what a laugh. So much like Paul Henry, took TVNZ Breakfast years after they gave him the boot to recover in the ratings . Only for him to join the opposition brekky show and gain traction there… There’s an idea !
All I could think watching it was , no wonder the ratings are down - they axed life of the party!




Corey Norris is presenting sport from Melbourne again this weekend.


It won’t matter what Deb Knight, GG, 9 execs or anyone else says about all this. NewsCorpse and anonymous “insiders” know better, and mere facts won’t persuade all those who’ve already made up their minds.


There’s some new changes on their bio on the Today website


Today dropped to their lowest ratings ever recorded yesterday.
Over 130k behind Sunrise. 5 city metro.
National figures: a 94% margin.


Not helped by damaging media reports.

Now, The Daily Telegraph has actually apologised and withdrawn their claims which were proven wrong.


Page 3


Are they doing a Channel 10 thing and trying to rebrand the way people write the network name? NINE in all caps? Or have I just completely missed this?


Does Deb do 6 days a week?