Especially when she already has to wake up to Today’s ratings result each day :wink:

Another shocker result yesterday, well below 200k and 95,000 behind Sunrise. Is this the new norm for Today?


They need to wait because as has been stated previously, the new line up has only been in place a few weeks. A focus is needed on understanding what viewers would want to see in order to be more attracted to Today.


Georgie’s exclusive interview this morning.


News Corp released a brief response to Mumbrella regarding Darren Wick’s statement this morning:

It is a matter of public record the new Today Show is facing ratings challenges. We take on board Mr Wicks’ comments and are reviewing the issue.


Let’s see how they explain away their fake news.


That Georgie is cold like an ice maiden?

Sadly, i think they’re right.


They never went and asked the people they were writing about to confirm the story. Epic journalism fail.


Did you write that article for Newscorp? :stuck_out_tongue:


i agree after watching for two weeks i could no longer stand georgie , she seems as though she lost her hummor being forced to be hurmorious so now iam back to watching sunrise


false, reckless and defamatory? Isn’t this the same headline they could have used for Karl? No one at nine stuck up for him cause the horse was bolted from men hating journalists who used him as an example.


Very glad Nine have slammed this article …look everyone knew these type of articles were going to happen this year and obviously with the low ratings its turning into a feeding frenzy in the media.


Both organisations thrive on tabloid stories… both are equally guilty of going after targets that will driver viewership/readership.

Nine in particular is more than happy to play the game when the publicity is going their way… it’s not right now and it’s hard to feel sorry for anyone who shamelessly courts the tabloids when it suits them.

And just as an aside, the Georgie “ice maiden” thing isn’t that far from the truth according to Today insiders.


One has to wonder if these same “insiders” claimed GG was an “ice maiden” back in the day when she was the show’s newsreader. Or are they new “insiders” who just don’t like her.

The whole thing reeks of bitchiness, childishness and pettiness. One also wonders if these “insiders” would have the backbone to say such stuff publicly rather than behind the scenes, where they can say pretty much whatever they like.

As for NewsCorpse publications, why anyone believes anything they come up with beggars belief.


It is only because the show is struggling. Still inexcusable behaviour.

Love this comment on TV Tonight:


While I like Georgie, 7 must’ve been on to something in the early 2000s when they let her and Mark Beretta go from hosting Sunrise. They rarely give Beretts the hosting gig these days. Maybe they did some research way back then.


I’m just passing on what I hear…
You don’t like it? That’s fine.


I thinks another issue is that Georgie has great humour and needs to bounce off of someone, but there’s no longer anyone to bounce off of! In the past, Lisa, Karl, Ben, have all been able to have banter with Georgie but that just seems to be missing now (even though she’s trying with Tony), which was a great part of the Today show.


You mean bounce off? The “of” is redundant.


Richard and Brooke in Hollywood this morning ahead of the Oscars.


Sounds like someone is breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend :smile: