Today ratings for yesterday…Wow!


What were the ratings?




It goes to show that viewers don’t handle big changes well. If Karl had to go so be it, but they should’ve kept Sylvia, Tim and Richard there at least for the mid-term to make that transition easier.

There’s too much change happening all at once, and it’s too female-skewing at the moment (an audience that Sunrise already has tied up). Shane Crawford would be a welcome addition and can’t come soon enough.


That was my thought exactly. They made too many changes at once, which is what Sunrise did in 2016 and suffered.


But I think the changes at Sunrise were not on a higher scale compared to what TODAY has done. Sunrise changed the format (primarily responsible for their ratings decrease) and made a new role for Eddy.

But Today (a show already suffering from scandal) just wiped out the whole team like an unexpected atomic bomb with bitter/ non-existant farewells to some team members portraying a disarrayed family.


Of course it’s worse. And so are the ratings.


I know the likelihood of anyone knowing is low considering next to nobody is watching but did Mick Molloy and Jane Kennedy appear on the show this morning?

Just wondering if the radio duo or Today pulled out given the vicious bagging the show has been receiving on Kennedy Molloy.





Again with the dodgy photoshop :smirk:


I actually miss Karl on the show. Big mistake letting him go in my opinion.

I also think that it almost feels like Georgie doesn’t want to be there and Tom Steinfort who i thought would be a good choice feels awkward.

Deb Knight is the only team member who feels natural.


yesterday morning and it was hilarious.


LOL that is such an awkward photo.

Btw still not a fan of the pineapple logo! The on-air presentation graphics are about as square as the chemistry is stiff.


Nine has commissioned independent research to find out the reasons behind Today’s poor ratings according to News Corp. Some of the identified issues include the banter between the hosts is forced, and audiences find Georgie cold like an ice maiden.


So NewsCorp did everything they could to undermine Karl and get him sacked, so now their next target is Georgie. :roll_eyes:


I think News Corpse is just there to spill sour beans on anyone that they consider a threat (think Nine-Fairfax and CBS-backed 10).

Not a good thing in any cases, but what’s new?



“This is one of the most deliberate acts of bullying I’ve ever seen. There are no facts attached to the claims. And the reporter didn’t bother to contact NINE to put the claims to me or anyone else for comment.

NINE’s position is that this is an outrageous, false, reckless and defamatory attack on Georgie Gardner and the Today Show. The claim by the Daily Telegraph reporter that NINE has conducted focus groups this year is wrong. We haven’t as yet commissioned any focus groups for the Today Show, let alone held them in 2019.

The allegations from the article that Georgie Gardner was perceived as an “Ice Maiden” and is somehow responsible for the poor numbers of the show this year is a fabrication and irresponsible reporting.

NINE conducted a number of focus groups throughout the last six months of 2018, under my supervision, and the feedback from those viewers was overwhelmingly positive about Georgie Gardner. She rated head and shoulders above every other on-air presenter. And that’s consistent with all Today Show focus groups we’ve held during the last seven years, while I’ve been in the National News Director role.

I don’t shy away from the weaker numbers the Today Show has recorded in 2019. But just five weeks into a new team on-air, we’re not about to hit the panic button. We’ve been through this battle before with other programs, where a section of the media is quick to write us off. We’re in for the long haul.”


He’s probably still sipping the champagne from MAFS victories.


Wick finally offers an explanation why Georgie (rightfully) survived the bloodbath over the past few months.


I feel sorry for Georgie. Imagine waking up to rubbish like this. Good to know she has a supportive employer who is prepared to go into bat for her. Shame on the News Corp tabloids not even bothering to contact Nine.