Shane Crawford was on Studio 10 this morning ,and Sarah asked what’s next he said hopefully more tv work. Sarah said rumours we’ve heard that you could getting up very early for a tv gig…he said lots of rumours l don’t like getting up too early we will just wait and see my heart is not telling me yes so l need to have a good think about it this week he said.
It defintely sounded like the rumours are true and he has been offered the gig (sports presenter) and is now thinking about it.


Brenton also doing Adelaide News tonight.


I also saw that this morning on Studio 10. So Defnitely Crawford will be waking up with TODAY


Well, they want him to but it sounds like he hasn’t committed to it. If he already had the gig, why wouldn’t he just say so?



Despite saying this he did add l need to have a good think about it this week .


Maybe he has been offered a role on 10 Early/Morning News as Sports Presenter?? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Doubt it. He’s just saying that’s the sort of time he wakes up in the morning. 8.30am rather than 5am.


ie offer me more money.



Brenton’s presenting style is interesting. His “newsreader voice” quickly disappears when talking about something personal or relatable.


Am I the only one who gets really pissed off with his “newsreader voice”. Every presenter in the country seems to get theirs right (whether or not its good is another story) but his has always just sounded so fake.


Yep. Tuned in for a couple of minutes this morning, listened, felt sorry for Adelaide viewers who’ve suffered through his awful delivery for years, then turned back to News Breakfast.


Bretonton was great. Much better than Tom. Sad he wasn’t offered.


Haven’t heard of this guy before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He made it clear he wasn’t interested.


Thought he said on Adelaide radio that he wasn’t offered?

“I expressed my thoughts about the whole thing but there was no formal offer. There’s never actually been any formal offer,” he explained.

we were quite comfortable if they came back and said thanks but no thanks… which they did“

Sounds to me like he was open to it had he been offered.


Don’t agree at all.

His comments indicate quite clearly that he didn’t want the job and was grateful not to have to turn it down. Nine respected his desire to stay in Adelaide and in a relatively low-profile role so didn’t waste their time drawing up contracts and making a “formal” offer but that doesn’t mean they didn’t ask “do you want the job”.


He says the came back to him and said thanks but no thanks - and he was happy enough with that.


Tom is back this morning.