Does it seriously have to be a male newsreader filling in for Tom? Can’t it be the best person for the role, no matter the gender?


It doesn’t matter who fills in.

No one is watching anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lara’s currently in Italy according to Instagram.


Julie Snook?


If it really doesn’t matter then how about Mark Burrows…:rofl:


Just give the whole team the week off and air Sunrise instead.


Mark could actually increase the ratings.:crazy_face:


Mark Burrows is the perfect newsreader for Today…if Nine wants to put all their viewers back to sleep! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He’s the third best newsreader on the desk each morning. No need to replace him. I’d go as far as saying, no need for him to return from holidays. Deb, Georgie, Steve and Brooke are a good fit. Tom and Tony are the weak links. Tony only being there a couple of days a week is bizarre.


With Tony Jones role you get the impression Ch 9 have someone else in lined up waiting for them to finish up their contract at a rival network. Tony’s Melbourne’s senior sports person in news and wwos. Always live from Melbourne an initiative to boost Melbourne’s ratings.


I’d go with your idea. Today just needs two hosts and contributors like Brooke and Stevie and maybe another sports contributor. Georgie and Deb can do the whole show just fine.


Would Shane Crawford move to Sydney though?


Annette Sharp puts the knife in front on into Nine News over their parade of blondes, with a particular emphasis on Today. She also has a go at the blondes on the Ten and Seven news programs. A ‘highlight’:


nuff said.




Corey Norris presenting sport from Melbourne again this morning.


Going by that article, I still wouldn’t be overly surprised if Annette Sharp at least once auditioned and was rejected for a presenting role on TV or radio. Of course we probably won’t ever hear about it, but surely someone associated with Sydney’s broadcast media industry has an interesting story to tell?


I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Annette Sharp’s content is absolutely rubbish. If a man wrote what she wrote, it would be branded sexist. I can’t believe Newscorp is continuing to give her a platform.


Her acerbic nature and style aside, she’s not entirely wrong.

The percentage of statuesque blonde women reading our news bulletins is not representative of the wider community. Now if news directors want to make the case that this is all a coincidence and the best people for the job are the ones in the chair(s) then happy days. But that’s probably a bit of a stretch.

It’s no secret that for many years at Nine if you were a woman and weren’t blonde you had a tougher time than others. Those days have passed but some preferences linger.

You can also argue with some legitimacy that anchors are chosen to appeal to the widest possible audience and so that they don’t distract from the news being presented. Strong accents and “unique” looks are two factors which can detract from getting the facts across to the viewer.

Now Im no fan of Annette Sharpe and you do have to wonder why now? It seems she had nothing to shit stir about this week and decided to dredge up an old topic that’s been analysed many times in the past but still might just have some resonance.


Brenton Ragless filling-in for Tom.