Loved that first one… best set, graphics, presenters etc… Wendy would of been great if she was given the role when Georgie departed (but was on Maturnity leave at the time)… great chemistry with the team.


I agree


Reunited and it feels so good


And everyone is dressed well and looks happy.

Almost a perfect shot except for that hideous red neon lighting on the set. :wink:


The red lighting needs to be a bit softer, maybe an orange hue would be better. But that soft set is a million times better than what they had previously, if they only changed out that coffee table with something more suitable and a little lower.

Also, whoever took the photo should have directed them to sit a little closer together just for the picture -maybe slotted Stevie in between Georgie and Brooke. Whilst they indeed look happy it would’ve given them a more family vibe which they desperately need right now IMO.


A little like Sunrise, where they all sit right next to each other.


So there’s speculations that Crawford will be replacing TJ when Shane finish his jungle experience in South Africa according to Kyle & Jackie O


Old news.


Wednesday (13.02.2019) - Friday (15.02.2019): Richard Wilkins is presenting Entertainment today, filling in for Brooke.


Just noticed this on screen in Queensland right now.


Noticed that in NSW as well.




What a awesome send off


Today was 90,000 behind Sunrise yesterday. Strong chance it will average below 200,000 for the week.


Indeed it was very funny Stevie’s mobile phone rang as Georgie was attempting to read the Entertainment news and it turned into some great banter between everyone…:joy: Great work from Sonia especially.


“She expressed the view that the size of Australia’s Muslim population meant there should be no further Muslim migration irrespective of any other matter. This appears to be unsupported by any evidence or material placed before the Tribunal,” the tribunal said.


Corey Norris presenting sport from Melbourne this morning.


It was a pretty awful comment.


Tom Steinfort is on holidays in Hawaii. I wonder who will fill in next week?