Perhaps they need a nationwide search to find the next hosts of the Today show. Audition a couple each week for a month to find a combination with chemistry who viewers will want to watch.


What’s wrong with Georgie and Deb?


They don’t rate…


Example no.1 of those talking about changing things less than a month into the new team.

Get a grip


Haha. Bang at Seven



Richard wasn’t at GdayUSA? I guess the bosses arent paying for his travel (first class) now so he probably won’t go?


But he’s committed to doing Today and Today Extra so can’t fly out as often.


Found some recordings in my files, for what it is worth, if anyone is interested:

vs. :


Get a grip indeed. I thought it was rather obvious the comment was made in jest.


Wow, big difference, whereas the only presenter change on Sunrise in that time period was the weather presenter and Edwina’s role. Talk about consistency!


Celebration Sunday? What’s to be celebrated…

Lowest ratings in 16 years?



This highlights how weak Tom Steinfort is in the newsreader role, I’m not sure who the right person would’ve been but there has to be a male journalist or presenter who would’ve been a better choice to co-host alongside Georgie & Deb.


I really liked the Karl & Lisa Duo. But I’m sure there’s more improvement to come of GG, Deb & Tom later in the year


Here’s the official team photo of GG, Deb & Tom


What Do You Think of the Logo?
Good Or Worst


That is such an awkward position for Georgie if I’ve ever seen one.


Better. The previous logo was atrocious.


Nothing a good laxative couldn’t fix

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Georgie looking a bit thicc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe it’s all photoshopped