I must agree that some people would have switched off because they basically axed their whole team.
Lots of people uproared about Tim Gilbert especially.

@TV.Cynic Any figures for Weekend Today v Weekend Sunrise?


Quite ironic since people couldn’t give a shit about him when he was on and yet they whinged about him being axed. What did he bring anyway? I’m not a Fordham fan but he was arguably better than Gilbert just because he worked very well with the team.


Maybe he just brought a stable, likeable presence that’s asnt over the top and didn’t attract headlines. Severely underrated.


Yeah…I’ve never been a huge fan of Ben Fordham, probably in part because of his history at ACA & 2GB.

As for Tim Gilbert, sure he was better than some of the other sports presenters/reporters still at Nine but I wouldn’t have prioritised keeping him at the network over talent like Yvonne Sampson (now O’Keefe, after getting married to TCN’s state politics reporter) who Nine stupidly allowed Fox League to pick up after 2016.


The show, for the most part, is rating where it’s rated for the last 2 years, I don’t think axing the team is the primary culprit.


The last few weeks have seen some of the worst numbers the Today has received over the last 2 years. This week last year for example, Today was equal with Sunrise, winning on 2 days.


There’s some pretty harsh comments about their new team on ‘Today’ on Facebook


But the way everyone seems to be carrying on here makes it sound as though the show was Australia’s #1… but they weren’t . The show was always performing relatively bad (due to a number of factors such as content, rundown etc), the presenter changes made it worse.

There seems to be the perception and expectations that because Georgie and Deb are highly regarded and presented on Sydney’s Number 1 News that will automatically win the ratings. This is national and it isn’t a walk in the park.


yeah i dont think every one like changes ,most find it difficult but it had to be done and this is the conquences


This includes the Today Show


I haven’t gotten that impression from reading the posts. People realise it will take a long process, however, the ratings the show is getting since the relaunch are some of the worst the show has had on a regular basis.

Remembering that in 2016 Seven took Nine to court when Nine stated promoting Today as Australia’s number one breakfast show with Nine eventually having to admit that their claim was based on the 5-city numbers - so clearly Today was number one then. The next year, prior to Lisa leaving, Today was on track to potentially another win, having won half of the ratings weeks up to that point. The show finished just 10,000 behind Sunrise.


I read an article today from 2012 that was citing Today’s in roads on Sunrise. It said, positively, that the gap had closed to 50,000 - 80,000 daily. So their current performance against Sunrise isn’t awful .

However, after 7 years or so of gaining ground, Today were able to claim a win in the metro cities for 2016 (in an Olympic year for 7!). Despite Sunrise taking Nine to court, it did concern them so much so that they dumped nearly all the changes they made earlier in the year and began to rebuild.

So, Today’s current performance is definitely a backwards step, noteably when they are the lowest readings in 14 years. It can all be traced back to… Lisa’s resignation.

Not necessarily. Deb and Georgie are very familar faces to regular Today audiences. Georgie was the newsreader for 7.5 years and Karl and Lisa’s main fill-ins. Deb was the newsreader and host on Weekend Today for 6 years and was the interim host after Lisa quit. Both are very popular individually. So there might have been an expectation that they will do well because they know the genre.

The fact that they have both anchored Sydney’s 6pm News has ensured that they resonate with that market. As a result, there have been more wins in Sydney this year than last. Brisbane is tracking to be on par.



In 2012 both Sunrise and Today were rating 100k more than they are now so an 80k differential may not have been quite as bad then. In the current context (25% fewer viewers at breakfast) Today’s performance isn’t awful, its horrific.


When you’re trying to draw media attention away from your shows :joy::thinking:





A nationwide search will begin today to find one lucky couple who will have an all-expense-paid dream wedding and honeymoon in the Northern Territory.

In a spectacular television event, TODAY is teaming up with Tourism NT to give away the ultimate wedding package in one of the most alluring and magical places in the world. Every detail will be looked after, with the prize including flights and accommodation for the lucky couple, and their closest friends and family.

The prize will include a wedding planner, celebrant, photographer, cars, florist, hair and make-up artists, the dress and the ring. And then there’s the entire reception including the cake and catering – and for those who can’t make the wedding, it’ll all be broadcast live on TODAY later this year.

With the Top End being one of the diverse regions in Australia, a bride and groom could find themselves tying the knot in Kakadu; walking down an aisle of gum trees in Katherine Gorge or overlooking the turquoise waters of Darwin.

TODAY has a long tradition of hosting “Marry in the Morning” competitions that stretch back to 2003 when Tracy Grimshaw and Steve Liebmann were hosting the program. Locations for previous TODAY weddings include Hayman Island and Sydney’s Botanical Gardens.

Nine’s Director of Morning Television, Steven Burling, said: “This is such an exciting competition and one that every newly engaged couple should get involved with! It’s an opportunity for a happy couple to say “I DO” in front of family and friends, at one of the most spectacularly beautiful locations on earth.

“We want to thank Tourism NT for supporting this competition, I think we’ll be absolutely inundated with entries.”

To enter, viewers are encouraged to go to from today (Monday, February 11) and tell us in 50 words or fewer why they deserve a Top End wedding, and upload a short video.


I didnt like when Sunrise did this but the fact it is happening now on Today strikes me as a blatant attempt to try and draw over some of the same audience.


The show has been rather weak since Lisa departed abruptly. The show hasn’t recovered yet but it was on a downward trend well before the new team was assembled. Clearly you’ve missed all the post declaring dooms day and that the show needs to be overhauled yet again.


Charles Croucher is reporting live from LA today on the Grammys. I find it strange that Richard hasn’t attended the Oscars, Grammys, G’Day USA this year despite his rivals (Nelson Aspen/Edwina Bartholomew and Angela Bishop) doing so.

Today’s ratings rise when Lisa joins and fall when she leaves. Not had to do the math really.


Wow. No words.