I’d say Pointless.


They are ignoring the fact that Today is actually 7 days per week if you include Weekend Today. So it’s highly unlikely to be in the firing line.


NO WAY it is Today. Not only did they come out and support the show today (they could have easily said nothing), but it is an established brand that has been on the air for 37 years. Much more risky to dump the show and replace it.

Not to mention that that is the clever methodology of the tweet; to make people think it is Today.


Saw an extended promo for the show tonight in Melbourne which featured not just Georgie, Deb & Tom (like the previous promos have) but Brooke and Tony as well.


Stevie was (finally) out of the studio today with the weather live from Melbourne.


Sunrise was 80,000 ahead of Today yesterday.

Thursday 7 February 2019

Sunrise was down 20,000 on Wednesday, though. Today up 25,000+. Not a bad recovery.


Radio stations say they look at ratings trends over many surveys. On MS we look at one days ratings of Today and think the worst.


Maybe Today would do better on radio. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Except it hasn’t been one day it’s been a few weeks. Today’s ratings where low from day one of Georgie and Deb and infact way before the refresh with Karl. Radio is completely different to TV.


Pretty sad times when 80k gap is a good recovery result.


News Corp reports this evening that Natalia Cooper won’t return to Today as a weather presenter. A Nine spokesman said Natalia had requested to go back to news, but sources said she was pushed out of the weather role because there are already three females (Deb, Georgie and Brooke) on the panel so a male (Steve Jacobs) was needed. Make of that what you will.


This headline was inevitable, certainly doesn’t look good for Today IMO even though I think they made the right choice.


Didn’t @blackbox reveal this weeks ago? Nine was very clear that Stevie was back for good.


With Natalia Cooper expected to no longer present the weather on Today when she returns from maternity leave, do we expect Natalia to remain at the Nine or simply “warehoused” until the end of her contract?


Probably sent to report for ACA like Sylvia or something like that.


The flaw in their reasoning is noteworthy. So far this year, Stevie has done more weather segments in studio than the show has ever done since Monte Dwyer.

It says in the article that she will return to Nine News Sydney.


Stevie has certainly tried hard to raise the banter amongst the team,l think that’s part of the reason why he has been in the studio.


Nine is saying being in the newsroom is a more suitable environment and will give her more flexibility as a working parent than being on the road for Today.


Imo many people are still watching sunrise today is because 1) they dont like what happned to karl and 2) they dont like how nine fired people when on hokidays ,me on the other hand couldnt stand karl and could no longer stand stand david koche or sam ,so iam glad that today went with geogie and deb to me they seem more up beat and kinda in my age range kinda so i can relate to them