Don’t like the Orange 9


Better than the clear one that gets lost IMO



Deb and Georgie also reading news and sport this morning.


Georgie and Deb reading the news is much better than having Tom at the desk umming and arghing. They’re much slicker.


I noticed there’s no more Today’s Agenda around 8:30


It’s just on Mondays and Sundays now.


So much inconsistency.


Tom looks like a junior reporter there. Karl would have excelled being his home town region


Sylvia joins A Current Affair. That’s a bit of a demotion but at least it’s work. Nine don’t have much to offer journalists except for the Today show or 60 mins


Tom is back in the studio reading news this morning.


Today Perth News has the transparent watermark now:


It looks so messy with the stripes and fake virtual backdrop.
Just have a basic backdrop of the city without the clutter!


Apart from your points above, Today looks really nice from the news studio. I’d love to see the programme coming from that studio normally.


Today was 123k behind Sunrise yesterday!


I know it is early days, but given the strength of Nine’s primetime that is not a good look or a morale booster for the team or crew.



No. That looks quite nice. You don’t want skylines at night and morning. It’s overkill. It’s refreshing to mix it up a bit.




The problem with Today is that it’s becoming Sydney-centric and focusing on more serious news than Sunrise.

Ratings in Adelaide and Perth are woeful.