The new desk and ugly backdrop are very ACA… not a surprise given new EP is SB.


Whoops! Someone didn’t check if the file footage was relevant to the story! SA school zones are 25kph while the file footage shows 40kph. They did use a SAPOL officer though not some random interstate cop, but he’s nowhere near a school zone. :thinking:

On a less important note the cars in the street footage had WA plates. :joy:


Some caps from yesterday:


I really hate that coffee table.


Needs a Sunrise/Studio 10 Today logo in front of it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah the coffee table has been pulled over from the old soft set, should’ve been replaced with something better and a little lower IMO.


It’s all hideous


But I thought you liked Today’s presentation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have not had the chance to catch it this week. Now back in the studio, what is happening with Sport or a Sport presenter on the days that Tony is not on?


I suspect that Tony will only present sports from Melbourne on Monday to Friday while Tom (or whoever does the news) will do sports Tuesday-Thursday. Very inconsistent.

If it was me I would have Tony do sports in studio on Monday and Friday (as usual) and Rebecca Maddern in studio on Tuesdays to Thursdays. The talent’s there so why not use it?


Why does Tom Steinfort do the openers with GG & Deb?


They started doing that this week apparently. Someone mentioned that it may be because the audience hasn’t adjusted yet to having two female anchors.


What is happening so far this week has been in accordance to what has been stated by Nine. Tony did sport on location in Melbourne on Monday (with minimal banter). Tom has read sport Tuesday and today.

They started to do that last Thursday. Tom’s role on the team is still being defined, IMO, and he features heavily in the promos. I think Tom should either be the third host ( and co-hosts segments with Georgie and Deb) or just do the news. They shouldn’t change it when it suits, personally.


My one issue for the set is the blue walls next to the main plasma


Could not have said it better myself, @blackbox :

Also, TV Blackbox revealed that Nine have still not adjusted their ratings for last week, after the “coding error”. Leaving many to assume that Today has reached the lows of the Karl and Jess Rowe era.


The show was below 200k at times before the new team assembled. This is not going to be an overnight change and everyone knew that but for some reason everyone is overreacting to this. The show’s content should have changed for sure but these results are exactly what I expected for the beginning.


Rob is just trying to deflect attention from his disgusting rant about Yumi Stynes. He’s yesterday’s man.


Gotta find a way to slag out another former employer somehow!


Thanks for the insightful feedback. Try listening to the whole podcast before passing judgement (although I’ve realised a lot of people like to pass judgement from just a headline).

At least I put my name to my opinions.


Not sure why it is an issue to give opinions, everyone here does it but if I do it I’m in the wrong. The hypocrisy of people on this forum is jaw-dropping.

For the record, I give both positive and negative feedback. Not my fault if people only focus on the negative. If you listen to the podcast I think you’ll find it’s well-balanced.