Like TVNZ’s Brekafast backdrops


Yeah but better than that. Desert hues, greens, white sands, aerials, etc.


The best set Today has had was the apartment set. Bring it back.


Could not agree more! Maybe an idea for North Sydney :wink:


I mean is the show even going yellow & blue heavy anymore? If they had changed the panels and even kept the first incarnation of the desk with white and orange lighting, it would look perfect.



Graphics update: The weather flipper is back


I dont mind that!
Make the Nine logo white and then they’re on to something :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the wrap around screens but the desk with the stool like chairs are horrible and look incredibly awkward as presenters get up and down, they also look uncomfortable, I was watching Breakfast when I was in NZ for work last week.


Now that’s much better


A few quick caps:


When is Tom going to be told to sit up straight and stop leaning on his right arm when reading the news? :thinking:


Those mic flags haven’t held up well :joy:


Still a lot of work to do.


Not sure what effect a public holiday would have - potentially lower at breakfast? but Sunrise won every market yesterday and nationally was ahead by about 50,000.


Just when Nine’s primetime smashes it out of the park again, their morning woes continue. Looks like no matter if it’s the tennis or MAFS, the people who watch Breakfast Telly would somehow find the remote and switch to Sunrise in the morning.

Shame, as I really like the Georgie and Deb pairing.


The 9 logo looks better in a box (although the logo needs to be white) but I’m disappointed at the return of the weather flipper. It’s not needed IMO.


They should make the logo not just white but also solid rather than the ugly 3D look. Same with the Today Show logo.


I really like how they finish off at the soft set today


Reminds me of the good old days!!
Credit to: Today Show Funny Bits