Tony has certainly been the stand out of this new team. Really good decision there.


Always thought David would be a perfect addition to the weekend team (over the years l’ve said many times on this forum that he would be a perfect co-host for the weekends) ,he should have been given the role back when Cameron Williams left.
I would’ve preferred Clint Stanway on weekdays but happy he is on weekends for now.
I don’t believe Tony Jones will remain long term on weekdays anyway( l give it a year) . But l will say Tony surprised me this week because he was actually good in his new role and his banter with the team.


The promo wasn’t generic; promoting what was on Monday’s show. I really like the endtag nonetheless.

A fabulous BTS look at the OB:

Other graphics from the week
Themed RHS bug:

Making News full-screen graphic:

‘Your Money’ themed transition:

5-way Live X:

Crimestoppers Super:

And, I like the seating arrangement and use of plasma here:


@nationalnews it’s great that everyone is smiling and Deb’s hand on Georgie’s shoulder looks good.


Georgie seems so much more relaxed and happy to be on board this year… compared to last.


Allison and David are great together.

Both David and Clint are great additions to the show.


Found myself tuning in for longer this weekend.


Same here, first time in a long time!


We have two excellent weekend breakfast options. Weekend Today with David and Allison. Weekend Sunrise with Monique and Basil.

At least on weekends, we’re pretty spoilt for choice.




Lara Vella is presenting weather again this week.


I know this is a weird question, but what colour is the clock on the logo?


darkish blue


You’d think after obsessing over the show so much that they would get the current hosts correct.

Woman’s Day:

Even with a looming axe seemingly hanging over their heads, Georgie and Deb, and their colleagues Tim Gilbert, Brooke Boney and Tom Steinfort, are remaining positive about the show and its future.


If today manage to get a fully new set they could just keep the screen for other purpose or position it in a different part of a new set but its all a wait and see


Of course we’ll just have to wait and see what happens for sure, but right now I’m willing to guess that the set Today will be presented from on January 28 will be a tweaked version of the previous one.


Wasn’t there confirmation from Steven Burling of a new “soft-set” in a recent IV?


Interactive Video? In Vitro? Intravenous?



Soft set = lounge room?


That’s what we in the business call an interview. Keep up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: