I always wondered how people who miss out on that huge amount feels and the show just continues on. I hope this lady only entered a few times cause its expensive.


I did see that too :joy:

Tom said that some US tourists thought he was from the US Today show until they heard his accent. TJ then commented that the Aussie version receives more viewers than the US version which made everyone giggle including the floor crew; Deb mentioned that they’ll gain more viewers in good time. Pretty funny. Hopefully someone can grab it, I think it was occurred around 8am.

On another note, here’s another example of the great chemistry between the team after just 5 days on-air together.

Can I also mention (at the risk of being ridiculed because it is frowned upon to comment on talent’s looks/outfits), I was quite nervous about the pairing of Deb and GG because, in the past, whenever two women have presented together TODAY their outfits have frequently clashed/looked horrible together - however, the wardrobe dept. have done really well coordinating the host’s outfit choices this week.

Here’s an example of the previous pairings that I’m talking about:

And here are some examples of this weeks outfits:


That’s the best way to tackle the critics and get the supporters to rally behind them… air the good, bad and ugly comments and have a laugh.


I’ve got no idea what the ratings will show but I think this could be a winning team.

There’s a freshness about the show now that wasn’t there with Karl. It really was time for him to go.


Exactly. Better than Sunrise’s woeful handling of critical comments and controversial topics (such as the Stolen Generation with that loudmouth Prue McSween and how Koch tells the protestors to ‘do your homework’).


You’ve become quite bitter about everything lately. Are you ok?


Saturday 19 January -

New weekend team-
David Campbell hosting with Allison with Jayne Azzopardi presenting News and Clint Stanaway presenting Sport.

Allison reading the weather forecast.


Weekend Show:


The four of them alternate between the headlines in the opener, like they did in 2017.


Bitter? Since when?

I don’t think there’s any bitter happenings lately (at least not between us). Maybe I’m a bit harsh with my wording of things which I apologise for.

I’m a fan of this new lineup but I’m also critical about certain aspects of the show and the same with Sunrise.


Hitch on the show this morning!


Just saw a new promo for the show with a new endtag featuring a new group photo of GG, Deb and Tom. Shame no one else gets a mention, but decent promo nonetheless.


Was this aired on Nine Sydney? I didn’t see it?



David messed up the intro and the name of the tax expert so he returned serve by saying no worries “Peter”. :joy:


Would’ve been even funnier if he said Karl :joy:


That segment was brilliant. No better way to handle criticism.

Speaking of criticism, was Brooke on yesterday’s show?

On a side note, the Weekend team is great.


The weekend edition seems like an improvement. I think David will do well.


Yep she was at Federation Square.


Tony suits this format much better than 6pm news.